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This is a great place to discover how to transform your WordPress website and increase business visibility. You can do this by using engaging content and social media such as Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. By implementing a business strategy which centers on increasing your online visibility, it will help you to Be SEEN so that you Can SEEL to your target customers.

I’m excited that you visited my website, and I want to make sure you find what you are looking for here. If there is something you need and can’t find it, let me know via my contact form. The topics that I focus on via my blog are WordPress, social media, Google products, business management and strategy.

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Three keys for a successful WordPress website and to increase business visibility is a strategy, implementation, and monitoring. These are important because they can help you streamline how your website visitors navigate your site and it can also simplify the process of getting to the heart of your message. Services we provide: Visibility strategizing, website development, theme design, content management, website maintenance and support desk management which all centered on WordPress. Click here to learn more about business visibility

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Check out the latest blog posts that will help you transform your website and grow your business visibility online. You will be able to do this because I share tips centered in on socially integrated marketing, WordPress website development, Google products and business management.

As you spend time on this site, you will learn how to transform your WordPress website along with information to help you create a heart-centered business strategy.

How to Find Target Customers on Social Media

Have you wanted to try and find target customers on social media? If you want to market your brand through social media, then starting with research is the right way to go. The sad fact for many businesses is that you can create ads and content all day long, but if you are not putting your brand in front of their eyes, then you could be wasting time and money. Don’t worry! [...]

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Grow Your Business Part III: Course to increase your business visibility online

This is the third and final post in a series of online courses I'm featuring to help you grow your business visibility. These programs will help you develop a strategy to grow your visibility online and teach you how to implement it. First up, is a program that I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year perfecting.Course 4: Content Marketing - Squirrly AcademyHas content fo [...]

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Learn more about using Blab to increase business visibility

An engaging tool that helps you increase business visibility is Blab which is a platform that enables video live-streaming that can support up to 4 active participants. Think of it as four live conversation going on at the the same time in an environment for both the creation and consumption of content. I want to share a few ideas about how you use Blab to increase business v [...]

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Want to increase your business visibility? Do it through getting interviews!

Even entrepreneurs who have breathed life into ingenious ideas are at loss when it comes to working to increase business visibility. If you take a moment to look at some of the most successful businesses out there, you will notice that their upper management is regularly featured in interviews.This helps with increasing their business visibility by making sure they stay in fr [...]

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