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Welcome to Kim Beasley Consulting!

Where you can find Google Plus (Google+) and Google Helpouts business consulting that is heart centered and focus on you growing your visibility. Learn more about the services that are provided below:


Google+ and Google Helpouts Business Coaching assists you in learning how to use Google+ to reach your target customers and provides one-to-one coaching sessions. Also provide 1-to-1 coaching via Google Helpouts.

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Social Media Speaking that focuses on reaching conference attendee, organizational members and corporate team members.

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Blogging Resource that delivers search engine optimized and relevant content to enrich your blogging efforts. This is a link to writing samples.

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Tuesdays: Weekly news segment about social media and technology for TV news station KRNV with newscaster Melissa Carson hosting. The news show, The Forum, is a daily show that starts at 11a PT/1p CT/ 2p ET.

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July 31, 2014: The 12 Steps to Google+ Success is a learning Webcamp. It will be power packed with tips, tricks and tools to bring you success on Google Plus via webinar.

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August 6, 2014: Webinar hosted by Small Business Minority where I will share tips about integrating Google+ Hangouts on Air into your social media activities.