Blogging Tips to Help New Bloggers

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blogging tipsOne of the things that I love to do is share blogging tips to help new bloggers improve their blog so that they can increase engagement. As you check out these tips, keep in mind that you don’t have to do them all at once. Take your time applying them and create a consistent flow of improvement.

Blogging Tip 1: Why is blogging important to the everyday person?

For those who want to communicate their message or connect with others in a given industry, blogging is definitely one way to do it. You can craft your blog… Continue reading

Basic Affiliate Marketing Tips for 2014 When Using Google+

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affiliate marketing tips - affiliate products

What would do if you could learn basic affiliate marketing tips that could help you use Google+ to enhance your efforts? Well I’m sure that you would be open to learning how to use Google+ the right way to build a community of followers and connected relationships. Your community and relationships, that you build on Google+, can then become part of the traffic that you drive to your affiliate products.

Important to note is that Google+ is integrated into the search algorithm of Even though Google+ is considered new on the social media scene, it has… Continue reading

Are You Opening Yourself Up For Social Media Risks?

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social media risksHave you ever felt that your online activities were opening you up for social media risks? Has someone stalked you online and caused issues for you? Do you know what to do if these things happen? Then I have great news for you.

I want to share a few tips that can help you not only protect yourself, they can also help you understand more about social media risks. These tips will be a compilation of things I know and  from an interview that I conducted with my good friend, ShelleRae O’Connor,  … Continue reading

Who are the real social media power users and why?

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social media power usersWhen you think about social media power users, what comes to mind? People who are on it all day. People who have a big presence on social media or who have a lot of followers. Well, according to (FO), Women are the power social media users.

What does this mean for entrepreneurs? It means that one of the things you might consider when marketing on social media, is how you will reach the power social media users. That is, how will you reach the women who use social media to communicate with friends,… Continue reading

Are tech gadgets controlling your life?

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tech gadgetsHow many tech gadgets does it take to keeping your day organized? For me, it takes my mobile phone, an android tablet, a Kindle Fire, sometimes my Google Chromebook or my desktop. Oh yeah, also my 3 external hards connected to my desktop so that I don’t max out the hard drive space. According to Pew Research. as of January 2014:

  • 91% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 55% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

When did we get to… Continue reading

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