How to use Blab to increase business visibility

How to use Blab to increase business visibility

increase business visibility - blab - kim beasleyAn engaging tool that helps you increase business visibility is Blab which is a platform that enables video live-streaming that can support up to 4 active participants. Think of it as four live conversation going on at the the same time in an environment for both the creation and consumption of content.

I want to share a few ideas about how you use Blab to increase business visibility and how you can benefit from adding this platform to your social media arsenal.

How Blab can help increase business visibility

As a tool that you can use to incease business visibility, Blab can be used to help your company communicate live in an interactive setting directly with your customers or target market. Blab can help your business increase its social profile in the following ways

Community Q&A sessions:

By using Blab’s call in feature, community managers can address customer concerns and answer questions live and in a transparent manner. By keeping one of the video feed ‘seats’ open for the audience, viewers can swap in and out of the open ‘seat’ to ask their questions via video.

Interviews and Panel Discussions:

Blab’s feature set is at its best when used to conduct interviews and discussions as the support of multiple video feeds enables the participants to share a single broadcast feed regardless of their geographic location. These sessions could be used by a business to engage with its customer base or to provide a degree of ‘thought leadership’ to fellow members of the industry by hosting panels featuring senior figures within the company or industry experts.

Live events and weekly updates:

Marketing and Community managers can make use of Blab’s tools to inform a business’ community regarding updates or changes to their services. Marketing executives can also use Blab to host live online events or provide supplementary information or commentary to other company events such as a product launch or trade-show video feed.

The greatest benefit of using a platform like Blab for your business is that it allows you to put a human face to your brand, something that is often a faceless entity and show people how great your company is rather than just telling them. Also, as Blab is currently in Beta, early-adopter businesses could enjoy a considerable ‘first-move’ advantage on this platform.

Have you tried Blab to increase business visibility yet? What do you think of it? If you’ve got a Blab coming up or know about one that you’d like to share with the community, let us know about it in the comments below.

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