YouTube and Your Links in Videos

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So I've been waiting for the announcement that YouTube would allow you to add deep linking to specific points in a YouTube video and the day has finally come. A source at Tech Crunch wrote an article about this very fact.

In the article, “YouTube Enables Deep Linking Within Videos“, Jason Kincaid shares how YouTube has enabled this new feature for user. Basically, you will be able to designate a specific point where you want to point your YouTube visitors to in your video (by using “#t=1m45s” at the end of your YouTube URL; the numbers before “m” and “s” can be edited to refect the minute(s) and seconds where you want to direct the visitor).

This may not be a new concept but it is a helpful concept for those who have a unique need for this type of feature for video production. If you find this feature useful, please feel free to share how you plan on using it.