New Year, New Resolutions, Now What?

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing, Tech Tuesday | 1 comment

thinking kidWhere does it all begin?

As a business owner who wants to grow your visibility online, what are you do with the New Year, or your new resolutions, maybe you might thing “now what”? If you have taken the first step to set or created your resolutions, then you should be ready to focus on achieving your resolutions and you also need to stay on target.

In growing your visibility, one of your resolutions should incorporate the use of social media to help keep you on target. There are several ways to use social media and below are a few examples:

  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Incorporate video marketing into your social media efforts
  • Reach Target Customers by participating in communities where they hangout
  • Expand Your Business by adding Virtual Assistants who can help you with your social media efforts
  • Improve Customer Service by monitoring your brand on social media websites

How Can Social Media Help Your 2013 New Year Resolution?

Let's take a look and see. Using social media can help you achieve your resolutions by creating a way to stay accountable and develop a strategy that will incorporate social media efforts.  First, you should break down your resolutions into smaller tasks that will allow you  to reach your resolution in bit-size chucks.  Next you should think about which social media tools you want to use in order to accomplish your resolutions. Since everyone’s resolutions are different, having only one way to use social media to stay on target is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Below is a list of suggestions regarding different tools and how you can use them to help you complete your resolutions.

  • Webinars – whether you choose to offer free, paid, or both you can use them for training, tutorials, etc. and them promote them on social media websites
  • Videos – these are recorded and can be uploaded to a website such as YouTube or your own website to help grow your visibility
  • Blogs – write blogs about helpful ideas, tips, strategies, etc. and then encourage your social media followers to reshare them to their connections
  • Images – Create infographics, ads, etc. that depict your industry data that your target customers may find helpful

What's Next For Your New Year Resolution?

Now that you have learned about creating a strategy to help you stay accountable, let's look at a few ideas that will assist you in reaching your resolutions. To help you stay on target during the new year, it is important that you incorporate grassroot efforts as a way to help you get the word out to others. Think about all the social media sites that you and your business have a presence on and use your strategy to reach you target customers. Do you have your thinking cap on regarding ways to implement your strategy? Check out the list below that can help you get started with your implementation:

  • Write down all the sites where you have a presence, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Then research your name, your business, and keywords on Google to see what other sites come up.
  • Make sure to add the sites that you find to your social media presence list that you can be used to track your social media efforts.

I hope you have found this information useful and you have a lot of success reaching your 2013 New Year resolution!