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For World Introvert Day, 🎯 I compiled a special podcast of 14 industry leaders who share top tips to help you jumpstart your business in 2021.

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World Introvert Day - kim beasley - introvert entrepreneur coach

History of World Introvert Day

World Introvert Day is about bringing awareness about the inward-focused world of introverts, and that their actions and habits don’t make them less normal. Many studies have shown that introverts, despite their habits, are an important minority that work behind the scenes of an extroverted world to keep it functioning.

So, each year, many introverts take this time to recharge by doing their favorite hobbies after the exciting events of the major holidays and prepare themselves for the year to come. There are many blog sites that focus their audience on the aspects of introversion, and even celebrate it, and so World Introvert Day is a huge highlight in observing the world of introverts.

Resource: Days of the Year

World Introvert Day Special Compilation Podcast

Jump in and start listening. After you finish listening, please share a comment below with questions you may have for any of the industry leaders.

End of 2020 Podcast By Kim Beasley

Here's the last podcast from 2020 with great tips to help you ramp up your business in 2021.

World Introvert Day Podcast Contributors

Below are the podcast contributors for the World Introvert Day 2021. They are sharing their best top tips to help introvert entrepreneurs to grow your business in the coming year. The podcast will be a compilation of all the people shown in the list below. Click on the "more about" tab to learn more about each person.

Chelsey Brooke

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
Counselor & Coach
More About Chelsey

Chelsey Brooke is a published author, professional counselor and Pathfinder Coach.

As a counselor, Chelsey holds a compassionate space for clients to uncover unhelpful patterns and to construct a resilient mindset based on their newfound sense of confidence and strength.

As The Pathfinder Coach, Chelsey helps forward-thinking introverts build self-trust and self-confidence to create healthy relationships and a purposeful career. Her mission is to help introverts experience lightbulb moments that change the way they see themselves, their abilities and their purpose – forever.

Cherlyn Decker

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
Author & Speaker
More About Cherlyn

Cherlyn Decker is a speaker, author, coach, and spiritual director. Her signature process has helped hundreds of women turn their struggles into strength. Cherlyn believes that it’s only when we face our challenges that we can take back control and triumph over them.

For the past 15 years, Cherlyn has helped hundreds of women not just survive their trials, but use them, learn from them and find confidence and peace so they can empower and uplift others.

Cherlyn is the author of the acclaimed book Roar Back: Transforming Struggle Into Strength, which debuted #1 across 8 categories on Amazon.

When Cherlyn isn’t busy helping women become the warriors’ God created them to be, she loves spending time with her husband and her two beautiful daughters. Cherlyn loves college football, her hammock chair, and deep conversation with friends. She drinks tea but not coffee. Most weekends she can be found loudly cheering at her daughter’s volleyball game or curled up on the couch with a blanket and a book. Cherlyn and her family live outside Denver, Colorado.

Dr. Stefany Jones

More About Dr. Stefany

My name is Stefany "J." Jones, MBA, PhD - aka Hustle Mama. I spent most of my corporate career as a Real Estate Development Executive in Higher Education, and Affordable Housing Self-Sufficiency Programming. I am an Author, Public Speaker, and former TV and Radio Talk Show Host. I am the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman; highlighting and supporting the entrepreneurial work of POWERHOUSE Women of Noble Purpose who HUSTLE.

They Help, Unite, Share, Teach, Lead and Empower their families, communities and the world! We translate into more than 40 languages and are in distribution to an audience with over 70 million subscribers. We are more than a Magazine. We are a Mindset, a Movement and a Ministry moving towards 1 Million Mogul Women strong. We operate a community that helps women Heal their Hearts, Hack their Lives, Harness their Power, and Build their Digital Empires! The Architecture of Our Lives lies in our DNA and we believe Our Lives are By Design, and Our Dreams By Infinite Measure.

This Movement is our contribution of a power instrument towards world change. We work intentionally and collectively unified through love, to share the stories of women lending their gifts to the world as we teach them to become unstoppable in their spiritual alignment and power as they help others evolve to be unstoppable in theirs. My life's guiding principle: “The Only Way to the Great You Are, is through THE GREAT I AM.” – Dr. Stefany

Erin Kelly

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - introvert entrepreneur coach
CEO & Co-founder
More About Erin

Erin Kelly is the CEO and co-founder of relationship marketing platform, MemberVault. She is the mom of two young kids, with another on the way, and is always unpacking new ways to shine as an introvert in an extrovert's world. You can hear more from Erin on The Vault podcast: https://membervault.co/TVP

Belinda Kendall

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
CEO & Founder
More About Belinda

Belinda Kendall, the owner and founder of Promise Gospel Network, LLC based in Houston TX, she has spent several years working in media. She had her own talk show on WGIV and Hot77 the Mix where she interviewed celebrities, internationally known pastors, community leaders, professional athletes, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

She is currently the new Face and Spokesperson for Miracle Moor's New Skincare "A Dawn of a New Face." She is the first African American woman to be on The Dawn of a New Day skincare. She holds the position of Sr. Executive Consultant for Miracle Moor Skincare. http://www.miraclemoor.com

She firmly believes that the best stories remain undocumented and can only be heard from those that lived and witness it. Therefore, she is passionate about utilizing her platform to amplify the voices of ordinary people.

Belinda’s community service work has landed her on the cover of “Women with Know How” magazine where she told her story “Never Let Your Past Become Bigger than Your Dreams.” https://issuu.com/sparkpublications/docs/1209-wwknfinal.

She is also the first African American woman to serve on the Executive Board of Directors “Fans of America” which is a non-profit organization that supports veterans internationally.

Sharon Devonish Leid

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
CEO & President
More About Sharon

Sharon Devonish Leid is the CEO of NetStruc PR, a full-service public, media, and community relations agency. Sharon is a Publicity Strategist, a PR consultant who helps entrepreneurs and small businesses get featured on local and national media platforms to help gain brand awareness, show expertise, build creditability, increase prospects and grow profits.

Sharon has been in the Public Relations industry for over 20 years. She has worked for both government and private sectors building brand awareness and trust with the public. Seeing the need for PR for entrepreneurs, Sharon created a business organization Ladies Of 3rd Thursday Organization to help women-owned businesses learn about gaining resources and opportunities to help grow their business.

Fifi Mason

Brand Coach
More About Fifi

Hi, I'm Fifi Mason, I inspire introvert entrepreneurs to build a personal brand business that's in flow with their energy and personality.

As host of The Quietly Successful Summit 2020, I helped over 700 introvert entrepreneurs alongside introverted industry experts such as Mark Schaefer, Matthew Pollard and Clare Josa.

But there was a time when just the thought of hosting a summit or posting about myself on social media was terrifying.

When I started as a freelance Brand and Web Designer, I knew the benefits of building a personal brand and putting myself out there. But after trying all the conventional 'out-there' marketing tactics to be seen and heard, I still struggled to do it consistently.

The problem? I was scared to be myself, and it showed.

I hadn’t figured out my values, discovered my purpose or found my voice. So I set out to learn everything I could to build my personal brand and attract clients in a way that is authentic to me – an introvert.

Everything I learned I put into practice, and I now feel more focused, prepared and less afraid to show up.

And my mission has become inspiring other introvert business owners to find their own way.

Sophie Morris

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
coach & speaker
More About Sophie

Sophie helps quiet professionals and business owners become free from stress and overwhelm and learn to use their voice on their own terms through expert, one to one coaching and courses.

A qualified coach, she has created the QUIET coaching system – a transformative system designed specifically for introverts.

Sophie works with introverts because she feels passionately that quiet people have a hard time in a world designed for extroverts; where they may feel written off or ignored. It can feel that the person who shouts loudest is the one that is listened to, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

She helps her clients cut through the noise and be heard while utilising their unique introvert skills and talents and staying true to who they really are.

Sophie’s approach is individual, supportive, preventative, effective and calm. All her work comes from a place of support, compassion, encouragement, honesty and kindness. With a bit of accountability too.

Sophie is a member of the Association for Coaching and the International Coach Federation, two of the leading regulatory bodies in a largely unregulated industry. This means that you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Joanna Rawbone

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
Owning our strengths
More About Joanna

Jo formally discovered she was an introvert when she completed a Myers Briggs questionnaire in 1989. She’d always known that she was different from a lot of her peers, friends and family and now she knew why. But whilst the questionnaire enhanced her self-awareness, it didn’t give her the tools to manage being an introvert in a world that is largely biased towards extraverts.

Jo’s personal experience was confirmed over 24 years as a trainer and consultant working with thousands of international clients. Jo saw daily just how problematic this bias can be within organisations: undermining employee engagement, retention and productivity as well as impairing the physical and mental health and well-being of employees. Thus began a mission: to champion the cause of introverts and promote positive action to address the ‘extraversion bias’. A mission that recently took her to the TEDx stage.

Through her company, Flourishing Introverts, Jo supports individuals to recognise their natural strengths and fulfil their potential without pretending to be something they are not. This starts with enabling introverts to identify and own their strengths, something Jo does in her group coaching programmes, in her Introvert Elevator membership and with her 1:1 clients.

With her clear purpose and unshakable passion, she works with companies and organisations to help them recognise and encourage the contribution introverts can make to their business. This is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in action.

Simon Raybould

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
More About Simon

Simon started his working life as a research scientist and his PhD looked at the environmental causes of childhood leukemias. He's also been an author, a playwright, a lighting designer for dance companies, an opera director and a fire eater!

He's one of the UK's recognised authorities on making better presentations and has written several books on the subject. His latest - Presentation Genius - debuted at number six on the high street best sellers list.

What makes him special as a trainer is his scientific background. He rarely "does opinion" and never says "do it like me". For Simon, it's about the science of what works best for most of the people, most of the time. (Sorry but nothing works all the time for everyone - get over it! 🙂 )

Susanna Reay

Online Business Mentor
More About Susanna

Susanna’s Introvert Way coaching methods ensure quiet business owners create high value service offers that connect with their clients, while maintaining their own energy boundaries to avoid burnout so that they can achieve the sustainable income and lifestyle they desire.

Formal design & business qualifications combined allows me to bring a unique perspective to your business and how you can attract customers online, create unique frameworks that your customers understand and wish to follow.
Having worked with small startups and solo entrepreneurs for over 25 years across multiple countries and industries, I understand the cultural complexities that need to be taken into account when marketing your offer online to an international audience.

Her formal qualifications include:
MBA (Distinction) in Business Management and Entrepreneurialship, (1st Class BSc. (Hons) in Textile Design and Design Management, Kaizen Project Management training and a Licenseship of the Textile Institute for her work with colour.
The magic happens from her home studio, in the beautiful countryside south of Oxford in England, UK.

Malaika Simmons

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
More About Malaika

Malaika is the creator of The Momentology Method®, and CEO of Momentology Media, LLC. Malaika uses The Momentology Method® to help executives and high performers create daily momentum and implement a plan that lets them step up, speak up and level up to create the impactful business and life of their dreams.

As a result of working with Malaika, her clients trust themselves, claim their voices and leverage their passions for profit and joy WITHOUT sacrificing their authenticity and integrity. She helps them lean in to their joy and genius to live a Momentous Life!

Jerrilynn B. Thomas

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
More About Jerrilynn

Jerrilynn B. Thomas is the founder of Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich. Jerrilynn creates high profile large-scale collaborative marketing projects that busy business and professional women from a wide range of industries can plug their businesses into. Her current collaborative marketing project is the One Million Woman Link Up.

The powerhouse business initiative educates aspiring 7 figure women on how to monetize their LinkedIn membership by forging lucrative collaborative marketing partnerships with like-mind business and professional women so they can sell out their events, catapult their book sales, fill up their coaching hours, and more. Visit SmartWomenPartner.com to learn more about the One Million Woman Link Up.

Sydney Thomas

World Introvert Day - Kim Beasley - Introvert Entrepreneur Coach
Founder & CVO
More About Sydney

Sydney is the Founder and Creative Vision Officer of Retirement Divas, a community of women from all walks of life who're ready to reimagine and reinvent their vision of retirement living. Sydney's non-conventional approach to retirement planning focuses on empowering women to find creative ways to bring joy, community, financial freedom, and fun to living their best lives, both now and throughout their retirement years.

Sydney is a certified Professional Life Coach and brings years of corporate and entrepreneurial success, as well as a true passion for helping women to her work. For nearly 10 years, Sydney has also worked as Director of Member Services & Operations for a leading trade association representing aging services providers across the continuum of care. Her years of experience, resources, and connections in the aging services field have inspired and enriched her work with Retirement Divas.

What Is an Introvert Entrepreneur Coach?

As a success introvert entrepreneur, one of my goals is to help my fellow introverts who want to learn how to grow their business online. I do this by helping you create a memorable and lasting brand, so your target buyers can find you online. It's also imperative to me to help you learn how to become comfortable being seen or heard online. Whether it's via video or podcasting, either can help you get found online. My training hub is called KBC Training which has training geared towards helping introvert entrepreneurs to grow your business online.

Companies I've Worked With...

As an Introvert Entrepreneur Coach and Consultant, I've led an innovative team that has worked with exceptional corporations and entrepreneurs.

What Some Of My Customers Are Saying

“I have rarely met a person who can be in three different places at the same time, but Kim Beasley can virtually be anywhere. She is an influencer on social media and when she has put her mind to something, she can make anything happen”


Anchor NBC Seattle/Content Creator/Innovation Strategist

“Kim definitely knows her way around Google & Youtube. She optimized a video I created as a lead generator with the proper wording to get it found in search. After she worked her magic my subscribers have increased on both Youtube and my email list. Many thanks, Kim!”


Real Estate Industry Coach