Wonderful Web Seminar: MasterMind Group

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Are you a Wonderful Web Woman who owns a business? Well I am and I would like to share a business tool with you that will help you grow your business. Wonderful Web Woman is owned and operated by Janet Beckers out of Australia and she is going to teach women a business tool through her sister business Wonderful Web Seminars.

Janet will start a mastermind group in October 2007 whose sole focus will be to teach women business owners – “How To Build A Targeted Mailing List And Gain Instant Credibility Through The Power Of Joint Ventures And Expert Interviews – In 6 Short Weeks”.

Are you a woman business owner who wants to grow your business? Are you working hard to help your many clients to make money when you could work smart and make money through creating products from your knowledge and then selling it. Then this mastermind group is for you.

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