Women, Work, Wilderness: Dealing with Burnout at Work, Home and Community

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dealing with burnoutWorking 9 to 5, managing a home, and volunteering in the community can sometimes cause women to face dealing with burnout. In talking about this issue, I want to encourage women to look at your work efforts, home life and community activities that may be causing you to burn out and even feel like you are heading for the wilderness. This wilderness would be where you are face dealing with burnout or losing control of what matters to you.

Don't give up  trying to get control back because there are ways that can help you as you are dealing with burnout. In a recent article, author Jan Bruce shared at there are four basic signs that you are heading for burnout. They are…

  • Your work-life balance has become an issue.
  • Anger and anxiety have become your signature emotions.
  • Conflicts are an everyday obstacle.
  • Your passion becomes your pain.

If you feel that all of these apply to you and you know that you are dealing with burnout, let's now check out some tips that can provide you with some assistance.

What are some of the ways that women face dealing with burnout?

In dealing with burnout, the key to successfully getting things back into control is defining the areas that may be causing you to burnout. The list below is basic and can help you start identifying ways that can help you as you are dealing with burnout.

  • Work-Life balance: not keeping balance and allowing yourself to work way too much can cause you to not give yourself “me time”.
  • Project Workload: taking on too many projects at work and allowing yourself to be overwhelmed
  • Conflicting interests: chasing after what others may feel is right for you but you don't really “feel” or agree even though you still do it

What are some of the solutions that can help women create balance in their life?

With these in mind, let's now take a look at some of the solutions for dealing with burnout. Keep in mind that there are many more solutions and that these are just a few suggestions.

  • Calendar planning: create a calendar that allows you to plan out your work efforts, home life and community activities so that you can create balance in your life. This can also help you create goals and responsibilities that will support your new plan for a balanced life.
  • Assess workload: check your workload and see if you can either outsource or reassign some of your responsibilities so that you can create a better balanced workload.
  • Balanced interests: don't do what doesn't make you happy and invest time in those interests that can help you keep balance in your life. Look for things to do that you are passionate about and then if suggestions from others fit into your life plan, go for it!

How can you help other women to create a balanced life plan who is dealing with burnout?

One of the best things in life is paying it forward to others and when you have learned to face dealing with burnout, it would be great if you can help other women do the same. In a recent segment for Huffington Post Live, several shared how they are dealing with burnout. The title of the segment was Prevent Work Burnout and I would suggest that you check out this video by clicking here.

Below are a few suggestions of ways that you can do just that.

  • Group support: find a group or start a group for women where you can create an environment of support so that you can encourage each other to create a balanced life.
  • Lean in philosophy: Sheryl Sandberg encouraged us to “Lean In” to become what we always could be and be successful with our wildest dreams. So “lean in” and encourage others to lean in. Click here to find out more about Sheryl's organization called Lean In.
  • Social Media support: find encouragement on social media and encourage others to aspire to create a work-life balance. Some of the websites that you can check out are below:
    • Empower Me! – Lead by Adrienne Graham, this website offers opportunities for women to connect and support each other of in in growing their business. @talentdiva
    • Ladies Who Launch – Great examples of successful women entrepreneurs who have launched their businesses and it's a resourceful website for women. Ladies Who Launch is an online and offline social network that provides opportunities for women to move their businesses and personal goals forward. @ladieswholaunch
    • Little Pink Book – PINK is more than just a color. America's #1 digital destination and launch pad for professional women. Little PINK Book is your path to a beautiful career & a beautiful life! @LittlePINKBook
    • Savor the Success – is a social website that allows women to connect with other entrepreneurs, professions, and creative women who are working to build big dreams in a real way and who are willing to help other women do the same do the same @savorthesuccess