Winning your current customers’ loyalty

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Tips that will help you win your current customers' loyalty.

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How to Win Customers Over — When They've Already Been Won

So, you won over the customer and got the sale. Good enough, right? I guess so… Or, you could win the customer twice in the same sale.

Winning a customer twice means doing or providing something she doesn't expect, even after she thought the transaction was complete. It doesn't have to be anything big, complicated, crazy, or expensive. In fact it's often in the little things:

  • Make the packaging count — You can throw in some styrofoam peanuts and toss the packing list on top, like most companies do. The order will get there and the customer will be fine with it. But package it nicely, in a clean box — with something other than the peanuts (that everyone hates) — with the paperwork neatly printed and folded (bonus points for having someone write ”thank you” on the packing list), the box neatly taped and labeled, and your TLC will not go unnoticed.