What’s Your Top “10” for 2010?

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What I want to know is…what are your top 10 goals for 2010 that you have planned for your business? Have you made any plans for your personal strategy in the coming year? Have you started your 2010 strategy plan? If not, then you still have time to start your planning.

As you look forward to where you want to take your business and be personally in 2010, don't let it over stress you. Take some time this week to think about all that you want to accomplish in 2010 and start making your top “10” list. Below are some suggestions of areas that you might want to concentrate on:

  • Obtaining a mentor
  • Updating your office equipment
  • Setting up your business website
  • Connecting with potential joint venture partners
  • Create an Internet strategy plan to grow your business
  • Take classes to enrich your knowledge
  • Develop a social media presence

Wow, this is just a starter list and there is much, much more that you can include on your Top “10” for 2010 list. Once you have created your list, please share with me by leaving a comment. I would love to hear what you are doing to be successful in 2010.