What You Need to Know About Controversial Marketing

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What is Controversial Marketing?

Controversial marketing or shock marketing as it is often known is a method of spreading the word about your brand by sparking interest in your customers. The easiest way to spark interest is to do something controversial. Things that shock us or offend us, are often the ones that we remember the most. This is the idea behind controversial marketing, to build a larger audience and have people remember your brand. There are several pros and cons to controversial marketing. Read more about how you can use controversial marketing to benefit your brand below.

How Controversial Marketing Can Be Beneficial to You Business

Using controversial marketing as a technique to promote your brand can help tremendously with visibility. While you will no doubt get a lot of coverage, it may not all be positive. All publicity is good publicity, right? Whether people love it or hate it, there’s no doubting that controversial marketing can dramatically increase customer attention and get people talking about your brand. The idea is that when your business makes a bold statement, people will take not and visibility by word of mouth and social media shares will spread like wildfire. Take Starbucks’ red cup Christmas campaign they released in the winter of 2016. Half the country hated it, the other half loved it, and marketing experts everywhere agreed it was a genius move. People were talking about their controversial marketing campaign for weeks after it happened.

What to Expect When You Implement It

When you launch a controversial marketing campaign, the truth is there’s always going to be somebody who will be offended. Even if you’re intentions were the best and you weren’t trying to stir the pot, be prepared for the backlash. This could come in the form of negative reviews, social media comments, and even news coverage. The amount of backlash you get of course relates to how big your brand already is.

On the other side, you can also expect an increase of sales and positivity from the people you didn’t offend. While some populations may be boycotting your brand, others will go out of their way to buy and buy a lot, as a sign of support.

Managing Responses to Your Controversial Marketing Campaign

It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you launch a controversial marketing campaign. Seek out the help of experts and statistics that can show you how certain parts of the population and demographics will react to what you’re putting out. Turn a blind eye to the negative comments, and focus on the positive ones. This means not engaging in arguments over social media or the internet. The most important thing to remember is to stick to your guns, and always back up your brand’s decision.

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