What to Do with Your Brand on Google+

by | Social Media Marketing | 2 comments

If you like many have decided to take the plunge into Google+, then you have taken a step that will allow you to enhance your brand online. Engaging on Google+ is more than just posting links that go to your blog post or affiliate links. It’s truly communicating with those you are connected to.

What does it look like to be connected? Glad you asked. It means that you are:
  • Participating in Google+ hangouts
  • Circling people of interest
  • Sharing post that others might find interesting
  • Sharing photo that can brighten others’ days
  • Commenting on and +1ing the posts that others share
When you keep these things in mind, then you will be able increase your visibility and create lasting relationships on Google+. Google+ is enhancing the way businesses are presenting themselves and making it easier than ever to get your brand into the hands of your target audience.
With options like Hangouts available, G+ users are connecting with their audience in ways that really make them feel connected to the brands they use or are interested in using. Be sure to use your brand on your G+ profile. You can use it as your profile image so that when people come to your G+ page they are getting familiar with your brand image.
The key is the more people are familiar with and recognize your brand; the more likely they are to remember you.
So, how strong do you feel your brand is on Google+? I'd love to hear from you.