What is the Fragrance Coming from the Literary Corner?

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Join Dr. Taffy Wagner and Ms. Bettye Jamerson, hosts of the Literary Corner podcast as they have an up close and personal interview with Pastor Jerone Davison, author of The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman.

Pastor Jerone shares his background and his heart for single women in the Church. The single women in the church are someone’s daughters, mothers and aunts. He shares how many single women in the Church want to be married, yet they are not present with the right fragrance.

Single women in the Church need to receive this message that Pastor Jerone is sharing. This message does not leave anything out that women deal with in relationships with men. Yet, women will receive so much more from this message because it candidly delivers life-changing answers for choices women make. Women and men need to hear this message and get this book as a gift for a loved one or a young woman seeking guidance.

The Spiritual Fragrance of a Woman is more than a book, it is a tool that you can receive revelation from each time you read it. Later in the show, Dr. Taffy and Bettye continue discussing how soul ties are a reason women continue attracting the same type of man that hurt them.

The Fragrance coming from The Virtuous Woman Literary Corner is one you do not want to miss. If you are interested in interviewing Pastor Jerone or having him speak at your church, contact him at jeroneld ( @ ) yahoo dot com dot