What is business coaching and do you need it?

by | Kim Beasley | 2 comments

business coachingIf you are a business owner then the answer to this question is “yes, you do need business coaching.” When you have a business coach, it will enable you to receive guidance and feedback regarding the actions you want to take with your business.

The simple definition about business coaching is this: it's when you work with a coach who gives you guidance, keeps you accountable, and assist you in developing a solid strategy for your business. It can happen either with a business coach from outside of your business or it can be an internal business coach of one employee to another.

Why is business coaching important?

In the many years that I've been in business, it's always been a great experience when working with a coach who provided me with business coaching. I've experience good and bad business coaching yet, I've been able to have great takeaways that have helped me to understand why business coaching is important.

These takeaways have enabled me to understand that it's all about me taking action on a plan in order to be successful. A plan without action is just a plan on paper that won't help you grow your business. Your business coach will be able to support you as you step into the greatness that is meant to be you.

5 reasons why you need it

Now that you know why you need a business coach, let's take a look at ways that a business coach can guide you to success. This list is a very basic list that all business coaches should be able to do.

  • External view. Having an external view into your business is important because it helps you see holes and gaps in your business that you can't see from the inside. For this to work out best for the business owner, one must be open to feedback, even if it is hard to receive. Then act on that feedback to improve your business.
  • Assistance in developing a strategic plan. If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail is an old saying that truly applies when you don't have a strategic plan. Creating a plan with your business coach can create a clear path for you to follow that will assist you in growing your business. Remember it is a “strategic” plan, which means that it is vital to you having one that works well with your business.
  • Accountability factor. It's very important that you are accountable to your business coach because it can help you support your business growth. Being accountable means that whether you complete a task or not, you still share your results with your business coach. Then your business coach can give you feedback that will help steer you in the best direction for you and your business. No accountability means that you are opening yourself up for failure.
  • Learn from a business coach with experience. Important to your growth as a business owner is the fact that you are learning from a coach who has experience and is successful. Coaching can only impart and encourage you to guidance when setting your business goals.

As you review these reason, keep in mind that when you participate in business coaching,  you are opening yourself up to experience a level of success that will be greater  than if you were going it alone. Choose wisely and enjoy your journey with your business coach.