Using EasyWebinar to Easily Create Webinars For Your WordPress Website

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Easily Create Webinars

One way to create passive income for you business is to easily create webinars using EasyWebinar plugin. These webinars can be live, automated, or a hybrid of the two. Also, if they are automated, you can even make them evergreen (ongoing webinars) that can help you create passive income.

One of the key components of a webinar is the video. When using EasyWebinar, you can use different types of video sources, which are dependent on whether your webinar is live, automated, or a hybrid.

According to Casey Zeman, creator of EasyWebinar,

Video & also Live Video (one of my favorites) is a direct line to building not just a relationship with your audience, but more so a ritualized relationship. When you incorporate video and webinars into not only building your community but also selling to your community and keeping in touch with your community, you can often indoctrinate them into consuming your content & and your message consistently/ritually.  The medium of video has been the best way that I've ever seen for building, growing and monetizing any business…period! (Besides meeting your audience face to face!)

With this in mind, you can easily create webinars by integrating EasyWebinar into your WordPress website.

Unique ways to use webinars

Since EasyWebinar gives users the ability to host three types of events: live, automated (pre-recorded broadcast), or a hybrid, let's dig deeper to see how this is accomplished.

  • Live events: with this type of webinar, you are hosting the webinar live and you engage your audience in real-time. With EasyWebinar, you can actually setup timed events that will encourage your audience to take action at specific times during your webinar.
  • Automated events: these allow you to pre-record your video and add it to your EasyWebinar setup. Once it is added, you can setup your webinar to play at any time for your viewers without you having to be there to start it.
  • Hybrid events: this is a unique way that you can stream your webinar to attendees. Hybrid events combine pre-recorded segments with live elements. For example, you can record a segment with a guest and transition directly into a live Q&A with attendees. 

Integrating Videos Into EasyWebinar

One of the main components of EasyWebinar is video which can be live or pre-recorded. When you integrate Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) into EasyWebinar it allows you to easily create webinars using video. HOAs combine a video conferencing feature with YouTube's live streaming and recording capabilities. EasyWebinar works flawlessly with HOAs and can create a virtual waiting room for attendees before your live stream begins. Finally, thanks to HOAs, you have access to your automatically recorded video. You'll instantly have a recording of your webinar on YouTube once you complete your hangout.

Another feature of EasyWebinar is that you can add video embed code to your Events Page that will display your pre-recorded videos. So for those who use services like Wistia, Vimeo, or yes even Amazon S3, you can display video. You will just need to be able to grab the embed code from your video hosting service and then add it to your settings for EasyWebinar.

Easily create webinars as passive income

When it comes to passive income, there are several ways that you can use EasyWebinar as part of your video marketing. Some of the ways that you can do this are:

  • Evergreen: easily create webinars that generate passive income when you create evergreen webinars. Evergreen webinars basically allow you to set it and forget it as you drive traffic to your webinar signup page
  • How-tos: sometimes, your audience may want to learn how-tos from you so you can create a How-to webinar. Then you can even charge for access to those who want to learn from them.
  • FAQs: by answering frequently asked questions via video, you can then have an offer at the end of the video that would encourage people to take action to connect with you or buy products. Including EasyWebinar in this process, you can setup Timed Events during your webinar to encourage viewers to take action.
  • Training series: you can create a training series that your audience pay to have access to. At the end of each webinar, EasyWebinar can allow you to automatically forward to a link so you can create a link to the next training in the series. Keep in mind that you will need to have this type of webinar pre-recorded and an EasyWebinar event setup for each training video.

Monitoring audience participation in webinars

Love that EasyWebinar has smart data features which allows you to track the actions of all of those who register for your webinars. Below are different ways that you can track your participants as they take action:

  • Total number of visits to your registration page
  • Total number of people who registers
  • Monitor who showed up for your webinar
  • How many watched your webinar
  • How many watched the replay of your webinar
  • How many took action during your webinar.

If you use Infusionsoft, you can even incorporate tags into the process to help you build campaigns that will sync up with the actions that each participant takes. During the webinar, you have the option of using the default chat feature or integrating Twitter, Facebook or even a third-party tool like LiveFyre or Disqus.