Unique Ways to Use Google+ to Grow Your Business Visibility

by | Business, Kim Beasley | 2 comments

Google+Google+ (G+) came onto the scene and they have created a stampede that is gaining speed. Google+ has become the new wave in the social media world. It's also a new platform for the professional who wants to do more then send out a few tweets each week. G+ is a powerful tool that can assist you in elevating and growing your business visibility.

There are several ways that Google+ can be used to gain the exposure that you've always wanted for your business. Some of these include:

  • Using Google+ Hangouts To Do Interviews – Google+ offers so many features to its users that it is becoming a popular social media platform for businesses. Using Google+ Hangouts to perform interviews is a great way to gain exposure. Who is hot in your niche market? What topics is your audience wanting to know about? Use Hangouts to get the answers by interviewing someone in your field. You can allow up to 10 people total including yourself and the one being interviewed to participate. In addition, the interview can be played back later via YouTube which can garner you additional exposure.
  • Creating Masterminds  – A mastermind group is a group of like minded individuals who learn and grow from one another. Use Google+ to not only create a mastermind group but to also hold private meetings with your members. This is a great way to draw in new members and to also interact with them.
  • Sharing Google+ Activities – Social media is all about being sociable. Share what you're doing on Google+ amongst your other social networks as well. It's all about cross promoting. Use social media to enhance your Google+ exposure. By interlinking your social media networks you can reach a wider audience and promote your business to even more people.
  • Use Keywords & Hashtags  – When creating a post on Google+ be sure to use keywords and hashtags that are specific to your business. This will allow users to find you. Remember those little SEO tips when it comes to your posts as well. You want people to find you after all so make it easy for them to locate you. 

Google+ is gaining momentum in the social media world. With its ease of use and its functionality it can help you gain the business exposure that you've been looking for. Use these tips to enhance your visibility and you'll soon be on your way to reaching a wider audience then you thought possible.