How to use Twitter for beginners and get connected

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The focus of this blog post is to show you how to use Twitter for beginners on a personal and business level. This is the fourth in a series of blog post about the top social media networks. You can find the rest of the blog post by visiting Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter has been around since March 2006 and was originally available to Odeo employees. Around July 2006 was when Twitter was made available publicly after a South by Southwest event where Twitter went from 20K tweets per day to over 60K tweets.

How to use twitter for beginners and getting connected

Key to getting started and learning how to use Twitter for beginners is that you understand the environment. Messages on Twitter can be up to 140 characters and may not necessarily use proper grammar. The fun things about Twitter being a social media network is that you can have…

  • Quick messages: 140 characters or less that you can type out and then press send. That's it, quick and short.
  • Quick connections: find and follower people in your industry, via a hashtag (created when the pound sign (#) is put in front of a keyword i.e., #SocialMedia) and even via a Twitter chat (Twitter user decide to converse via Twitter about a topic using a hashtag i.e., #LinkedInChat)
  • Quick setup: you can get setup quickly just by visiting and completing the form shown in the picture below.

twitter signup

How can you use Twitter from a personal standpoint?

As mentioned before, a great way to get connect is to participate in Twitter chats which will allow you to meet others and get connected. Another way to look at Twitter is that it is a quick news feed for what's happening in the world. You can follow Twitter accounts for news organization and for websites that break news about what's happening in the world.

By connecting with celebs and brands on Twitter, you can stay in the know regarding what they are doing. Many celebs and brands have very active accounts and who share interesting tweets. One of my favorite things is when a celeb or brand follows me and then engage with me. Below are examples of celebs and brands engaging with me on Twitter.

Yep, I did the Happy Dance for this one. 🙂 You can wat Taye Diggs on one of my favorite shows, Murder in the First. twitter taye diggs - how to use twitter for beginners



Why would a business want to integrate Twitter into their social media plan?

Learning how to use twitter as a business is very important and it can help you connect with your target market. Being about to connect with your target market means that you spend time researching and getting know what they like to talk about on Twitter. Then provide relevant links, quotes or even engage on what they share. Here are additional ways that you can use Twitter as a business

  • Host Twitter chats that centers in on a specific topic and uses a hashtag similar to the ones mentioned before: #SocialMedia and #LinkedInChat.
  • Share targeted content via your social media account using a strategic plan. This can allow you to cultivate a niche in your industry and build your reputation as an industry leader.
  • Market business with promoted ads. Twitter offers the option to create ads that are promoted to users who meet your criteria. To learn more about  promoted tweets, click here. Also, you can get started and check on promoted ads, by clicking here.

The information included in this blog post is a great start in learning how to use twitter for beginners. As you implement these suggestions and continuing to learn, my hope is that you will be successful in your efforts.