#Tweetdeck is challenging Seesmic for Twitter user on Android.

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I'm a dieheart TweetDeck user and I've been waiting for them to create an android version of their software. They are in the process of working on the BETA version for Android, soon to be released. What are your thoughts?

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TweetDeck Looms to Battle Seesmic, Twitter on Android

In the two years since TweetDeck first launched on the desktop, it has set the standard for multi-functional multi-account Twitter-centric applications, bringing the concept of columns, grouping and integrated search to what had previously been a bland market of simple apps. With the product's success, we saw the metamorphosis of Seesmic from a video comments company to one that has gone head to head with TweetDeck on practically every screen, even as the two saw focused effort from Loren Brichter on Tweetie pass them by and become the official Twitter application from the microblogging mothership for both the Mac desktop and the iPhone.
Now, the two are competing for visibility on yet another screen – that of the fast-growing Android platform, and unlike previous battles, which usually saw TweetDeck innovating first, it was Seesmic who got there first – in a big way, going live on Android and BlackBerry back in November of 2009. Tomorrow, TweetDeck will officially launch the first iteration of its Android product on the Android Marketplace, and those who prefer it will once again have that choice.Read more at blog.louisgray.com