Together We’re Changing the Internet One Person at a Time

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That headline has a lot of meaning. It may even have a few people scratching their heads. However it's not that difficult to understand. Each and every day there are people behind the scenes working towards a new advancement that is going to help our society progress. There is so much that goes on when it comes to the world wide web that may may not even know about.

We've all seen captcha's. They re those sometimes hard to read words or letters that we have to type in when we make a purchase or fill out a form to prove we are human. Now there is a program called reCAPTCHA that is doing more then verifying our human status. reCAPTCHA is a form of captcha that is helping digitize books for the internet. With the invention of things like Ereaders and Kindles, books are being converted into digital format. Seems simple enough. However, there are many books that are older and therefore harder for a computerized system or program to read. This is where reCAPTCHA and the general public come into play. reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows ( The person typing in the captcha to finish their order or online form is actually assisting in this digitization by typing in a word that the computer system cannot read from a book. So these users are actually taking care of their business as well as helping digitize books one word at a time. So collectively the world is working together for a common cause and many may not even know it. How amazing is that?

Now these advancements are getting event better because there is more. Every day millions of people are seeking to learn a foreign language. There are sections of the Internet that are in English; other sections in Spanish. In some areas the web is in Turkish. However, the entire web has yet to be translated into every language so that everyone can access every part of the web in their language. This is the next task that computer programmers want to achieve. Computers have yet to advance to a level where they can  convert words from one language to another without error. So once again humans need to assist in this endeavor but no one wants to do something for free. It would take millions of dollars to translate the Internet into every language on the planet. Coming soon is a new and free program called Duolingo ( that will change all of this. Duolingo will teach users a foreign language for free while they help translate the world wide web into every language imaginable. Learning a foreign language costs money. Many people have spent well over $500 to purchase software that will teach them a foreign language. Now with Duolingo, users will get to learn a foreign language without a cost to them except their time. Technology is moving forward each and every day. When you can do something for the greater good without having to spend a fortune to do it then that is the best advancement there is. Duoingo hasn't officially launched yet but it is in the works so you'll want to stay tuned for this one.

Check out this video to learn more about these advancement and how they are changing the world around us.


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