Tips for using Facebook, personally and in business

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This is the second installment in the series about the top social media websites and this time the question is, “Do you have tips for using Facebook, personally and in business?”. The answer would be yes, I do have tips.

tips for using FacebookKeep in mind that when you use Facebook's network, you may have to pay for advertising to truly reach your intended audience. By the way, to find the first installment about Google Plus and to find the answer to some of the most asked questions, visit: “Why do I need Google Plus?“.

Basic tips for using Facebook

Facebook is the largest social network site out there with over 1 billion users and growing daily. I would like to share some basic tips for using Facebook; whether it is for personal, business, or even both. It is a great way to connect with your target customers.

Being connected with target customers, you will have the ability to  engage and interact with them regarding your industry happenings. Engaging with your connections is not hard to do. Leave a comment, like, or even share the post with your connections. Remember these three basic tips when using Facebook.

  • Connect with friends – Do a search for their name, click add friend
  • Connect with others – Add friends from your friend's list
  • Engage with connections – Comment, like, share posts from your connections

Using Facebook from a Personal Standpoint

There are many things you can do using Facebook from a personal standpoint. I will explain a few simple tips for using Facebook for a personal account. Connect with friends to stay in touch and see what they have been up to lately. A great way to stay in touch, is by joining groups or liking your friends fan pages. This makes it easier to keep up with them and engage with each other.

You can also join groups and like the fan pages of local communities, associations, or businesses that share the same interests as you. This way you can stay informed of what is going on with events in your area or what type of specials they have. The one thing, I like about groups is that you can engage with others in the group and even ask questions.

According to Leah Fairman, tips that you can use personally are below:

  • Easy to connect with people –  Facebook makes it easy to connect with friends because once you complete your profile, facebook will suggest people you may know based on the information you provide.
  • Keep up with family and old friends – it seems just about everyone is on Facebook. You can reconnect and even discover distant relatives and friends from your childhood.
  • Follow your interests – Search the Like Pages to find topics that interest you.  Whether you are passionate about knitting, sports or stocks, there is a page that suits your interest where you can engage amongst like minds.

Facebook Benefits for Business Users

Facebook has excellent benefits for those of you, who use it for business purposes, such as myself. These next few important tips for using Facebook in your business are essential. The ability to create a business page that allows you to engage with others who liked your page and follow your page. Within your business page, Facebook also has a page insight section that only yourself and anyone you have as page managers, can view.

The page insights shows you the activity for your business page. It shows you how many people have liked your page and who they are. When you post on your business page, it shows exactly how many have seen that particular post and how many liked the post.

Along with the business page and the page insight section; Facebook also has promotional tools you can use to market your business and promote your page. It gives you an insight on how many clicks your ad has received, how many people your ad has reached, the cost of each click, and what your budget is.

A few tips about using Facebook business was also shared by Leah:

  • Engage with customers – whether you offer a service or your company is a brick and mortar, Pages give you and your customers a platform engage and share information.  People like to know that they are doing business with a company that cares.  Use Pages to give your customers a behind the scenes view on how you plan and prepare to meet their needs.  Us pages to build trust.
  • Get new customers – Facebook ads make it easy for you to gain new customers by targeting people by age, gender and interest.
  • Give your customers a voice – Pages gives you the opportunity to hear directly from your customers.  When you post engaging questions, ask them what they would like to see next and even do surveys to find out

Facebook Privacy and Monitoring

  • Check privacy settings – make sure your settings are set up correctly. You don't want to share all of your information with the public. Certain information in the wrong hands can cause major problems for you and your business.
  • Monitor friend requests – if someone sends you a friend request, don’t automatically accept.  Check their profile to see how you are connected.  If there are no mutual connections, check their content to see if this is someone you want to befriend.
  • Be cautious with apps on Facebook – There are several apps out there you can install to use. However; keep in mind some apps are created by Facebook, while others are created by third party developers. Apps that are created by third party developers can be a risk. When you install an app from a developer, they can see everything you see, including your personal information.

In conclusion; you should always follow the above tips for using Facebook. Whether you have a personal or business account, you will benefit greatly using them. If you have additional tips or questions, please feel free to share by leaving a comment below.