Time, Mentors & Developed Skills = Full Time WAHM

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by: Kelly McCausey
I set out to earn a few extra bucks at home about four years ago. As a single parent I was having a tough time making ends meet, even with a full time job. I had been told that I should start a business offering desktop publishing and since I loved mixing computers and paper – I thought it was a great idea. I created a website, printed out some promotional material and waited for the money to start rolling in.

The first job offer I got was “Hey, can you make me a website like yours?”

The first business lesson I learned is that it isnt enough to want to do something – youve got to connect with people who want what you want to do! Within three months I had scrapped the desktop publishing business and revamped my website to offer web and graphic design.

And so began my business learning curve – one that will never end! In the last three years Ive had the opportunity to study internet marketing from the ground up. Do you know how many different ways there are to earn an income from home using the internet? If this conjures up thoughts of shady late night infomercials promising $50,000 effort free paychecks – let me just say that that is nonsense. Scams run rampant and anything that promises easy money is not to be trusted.

There are real, honest, ethical ways to earn money online and anyone with serious determination and some basic skills can tap into the opportunities that exist. I found that by plugging into an online community made up of other Moms like me and carefully choosing a mentor who was several steps ahead of me with her business, I was able to sort through the hype and make good choices.

This past winter I was able to give notice to my day job and come home full time. I had more than replaced my income and knew it was time to let the safety net go and take a leap into full time Mom Entrepreneurship. My son loves having me home and I enjoy the freedom that comes with setting my own schedule.

If you take a good look at my short story here – you'll see that it took me four years, lots of encouragement and a trusted mentor to make it happen. If you would like to make staying home a reality, theres no time like the present to get started.
About the Author:
Kelly McCausey hosts Work at Home Moms Talk Radio, a weekly internet talk radio program for Moms in Business. She mentors Moms in launching and growing their home based businesses, teaching internet marketing principles and encouraging women to succeed. Kelly lives in Gaylord with her son Sean. Visit her on the web: http://www.wahmtalkradio.com