The Virtuous Women Discuss Love and Relationships

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Join Dr. Taffy Wagner of The Literary Corner podcast as she interviews co-host Bettye Jamerson on Monday, February 12, 2007 as they have a candid interview about love and relationships.

Many people enter into a relationship based on a feeling. Oftentimes they do not even know what love is. Bettye talks about do we even know how to love. People have based loving someone on emotion. Love is a choice and not about an emotion. On Valentine’s Day there is an expression of love. Bettye recommends that every day we extend our love not just that one day of the year.

Bettye says, “Love is the most powerful force in the universe and as a human race, we can benefit greatly from choosing to extend love to our fellow man and not just to our immediate family and inner circle of friends and acquaintances.” She discusses her book, Love: The Greatest Choice of All and what led her to writing this book.

Later in the show, Bettye and Dr. Taffy discuss candidly love in races. Are you not in a relationship because people are not accepting of the one you love… Find out what Bettye and Dr. Taffy have to say about love amongst the races.

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