The main person behind @ComcastCares, Frank Eliason, resigns his position

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An incredible pioneer for Comcast's customer service Twitter account has resigned his position from the large cable company. He's leaving for an interesting reason.

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The Pioneer Behind @ComcastCares, Frank Eliason, Resigns

Written by Marshall Kirkpatrick / July 16, 2010 12:47 PM

FrankEliasonFrank Eliason, the man behind the ballyhooed Twitter account @comcastcares, announced his resignation from giant cable and internet provider Comcast this afternoon. Companies interested in social media, and that's just about all companies these days, have watched @comcastcares very closely.

Eliason was named Senior Director in National Customer Operations at Comcast just one year ago and has only been at Comcast at all for less than 3 years. Stardom can be built up fast in the young world of social media, however, and as a widely studied ground-breaker Eliason could likely now get a job at almost any company in the world. A specific but unnamed opportunity to do social media work in the financial services industry, where Eliason has worked for years before, is next on his agenda, according to his blog post on the Comcast site.