Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 7: Random Acts of Kindness

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Today is Say 7 for the Thankful31 Motivational Campaign and it was contributed by Kellie Frazier the founder of (DOL). Kellie and I are on the same team along with Gaill Blackburn with a goal of developing Livestreams via Google+ Hangouts On Air and in person events. I'm glad to add posts from each of the team members to this motivational campaign.

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Love Came Down With Random Acts of Kindness

I heard something amazing that I just had to share. For the holiday celebration at a church I visited the Pastor told a story about how his daughter showed him a video of people who pay for groceries that belong to others and how they captured it on video.

He told us how he’s creating a Random Acts of Kindness Movement in this church of 100,000 people around the world. He suggested we do a random act of kindness then leave a card that says, LOVE Came DOWN on one side, with an invitation to the church service at Christmas time on the other.  He said he would rather use his high level influence to show the world that love can be delivered in random acts of kindness from church folks. He believes that church people have given love, therefore God, a bad reputation so I can only imagine how important doing this might be for some people.

I, too, love doing random acts of kindness but I’ve never thought about hanging around long enough to video tape the results or have someone else video tape it. It's really a great concept and hope to think of a way I can do this.

You have to see this video for yourself to know what I mean.  Imagine yourself doing this for others and how it would make you feel to be able to see their reactions to what you’ve done.  I’m not saying you have to see the results to feel great, or even suggesting you boost your ego by taking the credit, but it is amazing when you can watch humanity doing good for others and know what’s happening.  So watch … then tell us if you're ready to begin your own Random Acts of Kindness?

On December 18th the Day of Love team will be sharing MANY Random Acts of Kindness with give-a-ways and stories. Be on with us LIVE by signing up here if you haven’t already and plan to be with us at 6 pm PST / 9 pm EST.  You’ll find LOTS of exciting gifts you can’t imagine we’d be giving away!

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