Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 6: Mobile Technology

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mobile technologyMobile Technology is another thing that I'm thankful for because it has given me the gift of mobility. Being free to take my office anywhere I want and still meet with clients or work on projects has been great for my business. Traveling around the world and having my mobile technology with me has been one of the biggest things that I'm thankful for in regard to having the flexibility to be anywhere in the world and do business.

Being flexible, due to mobile technology, has enabled me to be on vacation in Melbourne, Australia and do a news segment for a TV station out of Reno, NV. Or coaching clients who live in different areas of the world while being based out of Missouri. It's wonderful and so I have a few tips that can help you prepare to be on the go with your business.

How can mobile technology be used in your business?

In your business, no matter if your selling a product, service or a combination of the two mobile technology can aide you in your day to day tasks. Here are a few ways that mobile technology can be used in your business:

  • Management – When you utilize this technology you are able to keep track of your staff, orders, your schedule and many other management-related tasks while on the go. Gone are the days that you have to be in the office or at your desktop computer to know what's going on in your business.
  • Communication – This technology also allows you to receive emails, chat and even various social media streams as soon as they happen. You no longer have to worry if you missed that important communication from a client because it is now delivered to your finger tips.
  • Monitoring – Additionally, this technology makes it easy for you to track marketing campaigns, team progress on that big project or your sales for the day. You can make it to your son or daughter's big recital and know that if needed you're able to quickly respond to any situation that may occur.  

What types of mobile technology is available for use within a business?

As you prepare for 2014 and you plan for your business think about how utilizing mobile technology can make your role easier. Here's a run down on the types of mobile technology that are available :

  • Smartphones – The most popular smartphones are either iPhone or Android technology cell phones. These cell phones allow you to download applications (apps) either for free or for a fee that can assist you on a variety of tasks for your business. Some of the most popular apps help you with task management, social media posting & monitoring and online banking.
  • Credit Card Readers – If your business is truly “on the go” these amazing little machines allow you to swipe your customer's credit card on your smartphone, iPad or tablet. There are also apps that allow you to take a picture of the credit card and process the payment.
  • iPads & Tablets – These sleek devices have many more added features than the smartphone. Although the apps can be downloaded to both, the screens are bigger and therefore the resolution is clearer. This allows you to access non-mobile websites, take higher quality pictures and you're given more space to store data.

No matter what type of mobile technology you choose to utilize the benefits for your business will be great. Being able to be flexible in today's business world is a must for small and large companies. While attaining a balance between your personal and professional life is needed having the technology to integrate the two is definitely something I am thankful for. 

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