Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 5: The Big Leap Living

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the-big-leapOne of the books that I have found life changing and that I'm thankful for is The Big Leap which was written by Gay Hendricks. It has impacted the way I look at life and dealing with destroying Upper Limits that I set for myself. Some of the Upper Limits I had in place revolve around my business.

For instance, I used to feel that I couldn't create products that people would want to buy. Even though I'm knowledgeable and have a lot to say, I sat back and let others make money off of my knowledge. I was not taking the Big Leap in this instance and therefore I was allowing this Upper Limit to stop me. I've since crushed this Upper Limit and have changed my way of thinking.

What is the Big Leap and how does it affect your business?

On Day 4, I talked about Business Mentors and how important they are to your success. The Big Leap can tie into you having a business mentor because your mentor can help you identify the Upper Limits that you've placed on yourself. Let's see how this all can affect you and your business.

  • Defined – The Big Leap is a journey into crushing the limitations that you've put on yourself. It's the steps that you take to break through Upper Limits that you have placed on you and your business.
  • Personally: Looking at this from a personal standpoint means that you assess your life to see where you have allowed yourself to be hindered by beliefs that you couldn't succeed. Such as in the areas of weight loss, education, dating or even saving money. Then make a purposeful choice to destroy the Upper Limits and then push through to success.
  • Professionally:  Taking the Big Leap enables you to reach new heights and become more successful. Most  importantly, it allows you to become aware of the way that you limit yourself. Then this awareness, in turn, and allows you to do away with those limits. Those limits could be starting a business, hiring virtual assistants, joining a mastermind or even expanding your business. Whatever the limit, getting to the point where you no longer allow them to hinder you means that you are taking The Big Leap.

Why do I need to crush the Upper Limits to be successful in business?

The limits you put on yourself will be reflected in both your personal and professional life. By crushing these limits you open up unexplored territory. This allows your business to flourish in the following ways:

  • Positive Energy Flow – When you crush the Upper Limits you allow yourself to feel positively about your pursuits. You no longer doubt if that new product will sell or if your new invention will work.
  • Eliminate self-blame and criticism – Often when we achieve a success we deflate ourselves by criticizing all of the things that could have been better. When you crush the Upper Limits you allow yourself to see the success and be really happy with it.
  • Accomplish Goals Fully – Crushing your Upper Limits will allow you realize your full potential. By realizing that your gifts are limitless you'll be able to accomplish your business goals to their fullest potential. 

How can I apply the principle of The Big Leap to my business?

The success of your business is dependent upon what you do to make it successful. You can apply the principle of the Big Leap to your business and increase your success in the following areas:

  • Goals – Make a commitment to your business goals while keeping a positive attitude. When worry and self-doubt creep in consciously let it go.
  • Venture into the unknown – Take a risk and implement that new strategy that you've been working on. Or allocate more time to that project that you're passionate about.
  • Make more meaningful connections – Especially in this age where “social” networking is so popular really try and reach out to your customers and clients. Listen intently to their needs and encourage their feedback with sincerity. 

With 2014 steady approaching, now is the time to open up to exploring new ways to expand your business and your horizons. Take time to celebrate the best things in your life. And remember that the possibilities for your success are endless and rewarding.

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