Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 3: Best Supporter in the World

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thankful31 motivational campaignI'm starting Thankful31 Motivational Campaign Day 3 off by saying a big thanks to the best supporters in the world. Who are they, you might ask. They are my inner circle who help keep me accountable and focused in life, business and fun. They challenge me to change and encourage me to be thankful for my many blessings. Their simple reminders have been life changing and life altering.

I know that in naming them that I might forget some and if I have have forgotten you and you read this blog post, please forgive me. Count it to my head being forgetful and not my heart. ūüôā Some of my inner circle of supporters has included the following people (in no particular order):

  • Cassandra Muthleb¬†& Emily Mills (My BFFs for life)
  • Pat Clardy¬†(spiritual mentor for life)
  • Tara Reed (friend and client)
  • Jerrilynn¬†Thomas (friend and client)
  • Ayoub Khote,¬†DeAno¬†Jackson & Michael Banks (members of the Fab4Forever crew along with me)
  • Wallaa¬†El Daramlly¬†(my second brain and assistant)

Thankful31 Motivational Campaign and being thankful for my supporters

As a business owner, I have found that having supporters or those who you consider as your inner circle is very important to staying focused. Even when I feel alone, I'm not alone in my business because I have peers and friends that I can turn to who have given me great advice or just said no to an idea that would have taken me off track.

In today's motivational campaign tip, I want to encourage you to find an accountability partner who can become your business supporter. According to¬†Laura Vanderkam in her article on entitled, “Friends with Benefits: How Peers and Pressure Help Get Those Tough Projects Done

Some things always fall to the bottom of your to-do list because, well, because of a million reasons. Fix that problem with an accountability partner. The whole point of our accountability partnership was to force things to the top of the to-do list that would naturally fall to the bottom.

Accountability with a peer supporter has helped me to develop strategic plans for my business and even helped me to take action and document all of my business processes. Even though it was a major undertaking to document my processes, I have found the following list very helpful to keep me on target with my peer supporters.

  • Create a to-do list of what you want to accomplish
  • Give this list to those who will hold you accountable to complete the list
  • Monitor your progress on your to-do list
  • Give updates to your accountability peer so that will know how you are progressing
  • Be open to your accountability peer's feedback
  • Take action on feedback if necessary
  • Mark off tasks on your to-do list as you complete the tasks

I would love to hear about your process and so feel free to come back to this blog post to share your results.

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