Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 25: Business Tools

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business toolsWhat has helped me to keep my business running smoothly are business tools that streamline and connect my business processes. It's important that business owners use business tools because it allows you to synergize all components of your business.

I'm thankful that I've found some really great business tools because I've been about to create a strong foundation for my business that allows me to build on it. Tools that I've found helpful have allowed me to create flowcharts, mindmaps, document processes, and even manage projects online with my team.

What type of business tools are important to have?

As a business owner you want to use tools that will increase your productivity, make processes easier and that will make your service or product better. There are a variety of business tools available both online and offline. 

Here are some of the most important types of tools that are available online:

  • Analytics – Tools like Google Analytics are important because they allow you to analyze your website and marketing strategies. This type of tool gives you the opportunity be more effective in your marketing and in your online promotions.
  • Document & File Sharing – Tools like Dropbox allow you to share large files and documents with your team and customers. This saves on paper and time by making them available instantly after upload.
  • Social Media – Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can be very valuable tools in marketing your business and connecting with your customers. 
  • Virtual Staffing – Sites like Odesk are very important if you are looking to hire virtual assistants and staff. This site streamlines the process of hiring by categorizing potential employees by their skill set and they provide a payroll system that makes paying them a cinch. 

What offline business tools are available through the SBA?

The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers a wide range of business tools to help you with your business. From seminars to counseling the SBA is a valuable resource to business owners. There are local SBA offices where you can get help applying for financing, filling out legal paperwork like the application for a employment identification number and many other processes. 

You can visit for more information on the tools available to people who want to start a business and to current business owners. 

Why should business owners use business tools that are available?

Owning a business can be an uphill climb. There's no manual that can give you all the secrets to being successful in business. Here are some of the top reasons for using business tools to help you run your business:

  • Convenience – Most business tools are designed to make things easier for you. By these tools being online they are accessible at your convenience. 
  • Efficiency – Most tools are additionally designed to take complicated tasks and make them simple. This makes you more efficient with less probability of errors.
  • Knowledge – There are also tools that teach you while helping you with different processes. One of the most complicated things in business can be filing out tax forms, copyright and other legal types of paperwork. 

There are many types of business tools that can help you in your business. Do your research to figure out which tools fit your needs and don't be afraid to try tools on a trial basis. Tell me about some of the tools you use in your business in the comments.

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