Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 24: Customer Relationships

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customer relationshipsBuilding solid customer relationships is very important to business owners. I'm thankful that I have been able to create customer relationships that have grown my business and allowed me to create sustaining relationships with my customers.

The key to being successful in building solid customer relationships is know how important it is that you understand the needs of your customers. Knowing and understanding their needs can help you provide better customer service to them. It also helps you build a solid foundation for your business relationships.

Why is it important to build customer relationships?

There are many components to a successful business but the most important is the customer. The more you are able to communicate to your customer their importance the more loyalty you will experience. A loyal customer is a returning customer and this plays a very important role in your success in business. 

In building a relationship with your customer you are able to better serve their needs. This lends to your credibility and reputation not only in the public but within your community of peers. 

How can you keep communications strong within customer relationships?

There are many ways to communicate with your  customers. Let's take a look at some of the most popular ways:

  • Phones – As soon as your customer reaches out to you via a phone call return that call as soon as possible. With mobile technology you can even send your customer a text message alerting them of sales, special offers and events.
  • Email – You can keep the lines of communication strong through newsletters and email messages. Create a sign up list and ask your customers to update you when they change email addresses. 
  • Face to Face – If possible address concerns and problems face to face with your customer. With video conference technology this can be done via the computer. 

Why are strong customer relationships important to a successful business?

A business owner's number one priority is the success of their business. A strong customer relationship is the foundation of that success. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Word of Mouth – Although it's done a little differently these days customers are still the most powerful tool for marketing your business. Their testimonials and sharing of their experience with your business can make or break your business. 
  • Repeat Business – A strong customer relationship ensures that customer will return. When your customer is comfortable with you even if they're not completely satisfied  they're comfortable enough to let you know instead of complaining on a social media site.
  • Sales – All of your business goals boil down to making money. Strong customer relationships can lead to an increase in sales which means more money being made.

There are many benefits to building a strong relationship with your customers. If you continuously work at keeping the lines of communication strong your business will become more and more successful. How are you going to build a strong relationship with your customer in 2014?

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