Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 18: Happy Moments in Life

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happy moments in lifeI love having happy moments in life because they help me keep balance in my personal life and stay steady in my business.  Even when it seems that I'm having a bad day, I'm thankful that I have ways to create my own happy moments in life. Like I will look at a comedy movie or TV show, or listen to music that is inspirational, or even call a friend that I know will offer an encouraging word to me.

Regardless of how I experience my happy moments in life, I know that that the balance it brings to my life has helped me to stay focused. In staying focused, I have been able to keep reaching the goals that I set for me and my business. These moments are also part of my “me time” that I take to give myself a break from my busy life.

What do happy moments in life look like?

Any moment in life that makes you smile, lifts your spirits or inspires you is a happy momentWhenever you can see the silver lining or the upside to life its a time of happiness. Recognizing these moments on a daily basis can sometimes be hard but the rewarding feeling you get is worth you making a point to see the positive whenever you can. 

How can I create happy moments in life for my business?

Creating happy moments in life is really the same as creating happy moments in business. Your business and your personal life often overlap, therefore if you keep a positive attitude in your personal life it will be second nature to do that in business. In business it also important to remember these things:

  • Small successes should be celebrated and appreciated. Never take away from your accomplishments because even in the small things you do you can find a happy moment.
  • Team building, when you realize that the people you work with are committed to your success that is a happy moment. Its takes time and dedication on both your parts so go ahead feel happy about reaching that level with your team.
  • Clients and/or customers can be a great source of happy moments. Whether you're seeing how happy you've made them or you're celebrating a success associated with them, let yourself feel the moment.

Why is it important to recognize happy moments in life?

As human beings we tend to let ourselves stress entirely to much. We see all of the bad before we try to see the good. When you open up yourself to recognize and feel life's happy moments you relieve some of that stress. As a business owner you tend to get caught up in the bottom line or getting out of the black. In doing this, if you don't condition yourself to recognize the happy moments, you miss opportunities to boost team morale, appreciate your client or customer and even to pat yourself on the back.

Life is full of happy moments, you just have to be willing to see them. Something as small as a smile from a stranger that lifted your spirits is a happy moments. Remember to look for these moments and use them in times where you're feeling low. Tell me about some of the happy moments you've experienced in the comments below. 

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