Thankful31 Motivational Campaign, Day 1: Let’s Get Started

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Today's Thankful31 Motivational Campaign is Day 1 and the focus is: Let's Get Started!

Mom and Dad - Thankful31 motivational campaign

The whole purpose of Thankful31 is to be a motivational campaign that encourages people to remember to be thankful on a daily basis. The two people that I am most thankful to be my parents. Not just because they gave birth to me like I said above. I'm most thankful for them giving me a sense of who I am and who I could become to impact the world. Below is a picture of my parents when they remarried right before my father passed away in 2012.

When my parents restored their marriage, I was encouraged by the love that they shared. It has truly motivated me to find a love worth having and one that will be encouraging. Even though my father is no longer with us, I still am my Daddy's Little Girl and I know that he is still watching over me from afar.

Why start Thankful31 Motivational Campaign?

My main purpose for starting this motivational campaign was as a way to encourage others as I encouraged myself. I've found that when I encourage others that it makes me feel better and good about what I've done.

According to an article by Lisa Farino for MSN Health & Fitness

Even better, feeling good and doing good can combine to create a positive feedback loop, where doing good helps us to feel good and feeling good also makes us more likely to do good.

Some of the key things that I hope to accomplish with this motivational campaign are…

  • Share why I'm thankful for the next 31 days via a blog post
  • Encourage others to share their Thankful31 thought daily
  • Create images and videos that would encourage those who are touched by this motivational campaign

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Will you join the campaign? Find out more here:

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