Support and Assistance For Those In Newtown, CT

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The Tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut    orange_lilly

Recently, we all heard about the tragic and horrifying massacre that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. A small family town that was safe to all who live there. Until the lives of so many innocent young children and 6 adults that had sacrificed their own lives to protect the young children that they taught and loved at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Tears fill up my eyes as I think about the family and friends whose family members were victims of this incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

There Is Support and Help for Those in Need

This has been such a horrific event for all those that had been right inside where it all had happened, and for those family members there were outside not knowing everything that was going on or happened. Several places, including non-profit organizations have stepped up to help give support and assistance to those in the small town of Newtown, Connecticut, to help them through this hurtful and saddening time. 

Learn More about These Organization's

Some of these organizations have put out recommendations for families, friends, and teachers of the victims, on how to help support the children who want to talk about the saddening incident that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. They also have organizations that are helping the adults to cope from the incident. According to the Huffington Post below are some sites that are offering support and assistance.

CNN has also wrote an article with places offering support and assistance.

CNN also mentions that the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection says anyone wishing to Volunteer should call 211 or (800) 203-1234. The National Rifle Association has abandoned their social media communities, following the tragic incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday, you can read more about the article at