Stop Hiding Behind Your Social Media Efforts

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One of the best things about social media efforts is that you can grow your visibility online just by connecting with others. However, sometimes you can also create an environment of hidden vision with your social networking efforts. Having your message concealed happens when you have untargeted and unfocused efforts when sharing content on mass media communication websites.

Considering The Engagement Factor (TEF) is essential. TEF is your activity + your interaction which shows how engaged you are on media platforms. If you are hidden, then you are not actively engaging. An obscure vision will prevent you from truly connecting with your customers. If you have a hidden image, then you need to put the social back into your social media efforts. You must make an effort to reach out to your followers and not just give them content. You must actively connect to grow your visibility.

The Case Of The Missing Social Media Presence

Although you may be active on social sites through sharing content, have you noticed that you are not connecting with your target customer? Do you feel like all of your sharing and your social media efforts are not connecting with your customers or your peers? If these are the cases that you have been experiencing, then spend some time with me as we solve the case of the missing social media presence.

To help you learn more regarding how you are hiding behind your social networking presence, let's take a look at a few things that can cause this:

  • A big no-no is buying followers
  • Creating multiple social media accounts
  • Repeating content and spamming followers
  • Being a lone wolf
  • Lack of engagement with peers and target customers

Now that we have identified some of the ways you are hiding your online media presence let's check out some simple solutions to this problem.

How To Be Found & Impact Your Social Media Efforts

social media efforts - kim beasleyOne of the best things a client told me that they learned about their social media efforts was that engaging with peers and target customers has helped them to grow their visibility and increase their sales. It's not about how much content you can push out on social channels. Your efforts should be about focused and targeted sharing with your peers and your target customers that grow your visibility on social platforms.

  • A big no-no is buying followers. When you buy followers, you aren't guaranteed to gain people who will take action when you give them a call to action. Instead, grow your followers organically through engagement with your peers and target customers.
  • Creating multiple social media accounts. When you dilute your presence by having various mass media accounts, it can become confusing to those who want to connect with you. It's best to streamline your profiles through one social account that you connect to your business presence.
  • Repeating content and spamming followers. Just because you share your post or affiliate links over and over, doesn't mean that you will get people to take action. Remember social networking is about engaging with others, this is the social part. If all you do is push out the same content over and over, you can gain the reputation of being a mass communication spammer.
  • Being a lone wolf is not a good idea when developing your social networking presence. Connect and stay connected to your mentors, peers and your target audience. Building your social network presence with a support group can help you enrich your engagement factor.
  • Lack of engagement with peers and target customers is a social killer. Remember to put the social back into your social networking efforts. Then you can focus and engage online that will reach your target customers.

How To Bring “Social” Back To Your Social Media Efforts

It's not just about sending out emails or adding content on social networks that will grow your engagement factor. Your efforts should include connecting with your target customers, your peers and even those that you want to mentor you. Case in point:

One of my clients wanted to learn the mind of her target customers. By doing so she could create content and products that they needed. She began asking them to share their thoughts, needs and even their problems with her on her blog and social networking profiles. By doing this, she opened up the stream of dialogue with them and made it into a two way conversation. She put the social back into social media and become known as one of her industry leaders. It has propelled her to even be asked to speak at industry events and to conduct workshops.

How can this help you? Glad you asked! As you can see from the example above, my client chose to reach out and listen to others on social platforms. She thereby put the “social” back into social media. You can do the same by creating content that encourages others to comment or ask questions. Create polls or surveys that allows others to engage with you. Come out of hiding on social networks. Implement a strategic plan to put the “social” back into your networking efforts.

Need A Helping Hand?

If you need a little help with growing your media accounts, then you have come to the right place! I would love to help you increase your engagement online. Contact me today, and let's get started on growing your online visibility! Also, to organize your social media efforts you can check out our new social media management tool called GrowVisibility.