Stereotypes that women face in the workplace and in business

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If you are a women, do you see yourself stereotyped as one of these women? How can we overcome this stereotyping in work, business, and life?

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Women: Are You One of These Stereotypes at Work?

Stereotypes bedevil the hiring process and they torment ambitious professionals in their careers. But they're impossible to eradicate.  Why? Because stereotypes are energy-saving devices, mental shortcuts that allow us to extrapolate a great deal from a single detail. Like cliches, they wouldn't persist if there weren't some truth in them. But in professional development, stereotypes are dangerous because they  box you in and limit what people think you can do. Percy Barnevik, the esteemed CEO of ABB, once maintained that companies use only 5 to 10 percent of their employees' capacity. Stereotyping people is one way we obscure the rest.

Stereotypes are infuriating because they're insidious, we often don't even see them developing and they're based on biases and beliefs we have no control over. When we feel them being applied to ourselves, we get mad — but it's smarter to learn how to recognize them and how not get sucked into confirming them.