Where do you stand on the Google vs. Facebook comparison?

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There have been many post written that compare Google and Facebook which stated that one is better than the other in different areas. Such as the number of users, ad revenue or even the activity on their perspective social media networks.

In using both services daily, I have found that the ease of use for Google+ vs. Facebook and made me gravitate more to Google+ as of June 2010 when I started using it. I'm still an avid user of Facebook due to it being part of the social media industry where I specialize as a strategist. However, Google+ has given me the opportunities to grow my visibility in ways that Facebook hasn't been able to do since I started using it in 2007.

When you really look at the comparison and review the sales numbers, you may get a different view. According to John Shinal in his article that I found on MarketWatch.com entitled “Facebook vs. Google? Maybe not“, the comparison is starting to reveal a some interesting facts.

But signing up users is one thing; making money off them is quite another. And Google’s latest financial results raise serious doubts about how much of Facebook’s growth is coming at the expense of the search giant.

Excluding results from its newly acquired Motorola Mobility unit, Google’s sales rose 21% to $11 billion in the second quarter, with the vast majority of that coming from search ads. While that rate is slower than the 37% surge in online ad revenue that Facebook saw in the first quarter, Google’s growth is coming off a base 10 times as large.

With that said, what do you think about the results? Do you concur or do you feel that there is more to the picture? Please feel free to share your opinions below.