Squirrly: How to Get Excellent SEO

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I have discovered a new and easy to use plugin for SEO. It is called Squirrly. I have been using Squirrly for awhile and seowanted to share this find with you. Squirrly makes SEO easy and no skills are required. Squirrly helps you identify keywords within a few minutes and then shows you how to optimize your article.

Squirrly also pulls copyright free images from the internet that you can use in your article. You can also find tweets, wikis and blogs relevant to your keywords and easily insert them into your article.

How Can I Easily Get Excellent SEO?

Squirrly tells you exactly what needs to be done to obtain excellent SEO by giving you a green go ahead or a red warning. Squirrly lists SEO needs like:

  • Where and how to use keywords
  • Keyword density
  • Content length
  • Images

The Squirrly plugin then reviews your article for optimization and gives you easy changes to make. When you have optimized all categories there will be green banner that congratulates you on your 100% optimized article. It is the most simplest SEO plugin I have used. You can not fail!

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What Does Excellent SEO Cost?

Squirrly offers a free 14 day trial. Prices after that are 19.99 a month for a maximum of 3 blogs and 59.99 a month for a maximum of 15 blogs. If you think your articles are fully optimized, download the free trial to see the difference Squirrly can make in your SEO. Squirrly is easy to download and easy to use. You don't need any training or special skills. Give the two week trial a chance and find out what a difference SEO makes to your search engine rankings.


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