Social media tool called KeyTweet finds relevant links on Twitter

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If you have been looking for a tool that will help you find relevant links on Twitter among all the tweets that can fly by you, then KeyTweet is what you need to checkout.

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KeyTweet Finds Most Relevant Links for You From Twitter

Unless you've mastered the art of not blinking, you probably miss updates from connections on Twitter. Even the most attentive of people will have gaps in their attention to the real time stream. As Twitter has become a prominent place to share links and point followers to news and sites of interest, new services have arisen to find the best of what you may have missed. Among the newest, in early beta, is a site called KeyTweet, which finds relevant tweets that contain links, based on keywords in the streams of those you follow.

KeyTweet, like Cadmus and My6sense's offerings before it, aims to find a relevancy filter for Twitter, to surface important updates and hide the more trivial. But instead of using implicit activity, as my6sense does, or collapsing duplicates and finding conversations as The Cadmus does, KeyTweet finds popular topics that people you follow tweeted about, and brings tweets that match multiple keywords to the top of your stream, sorted by relevance.

Top Topics from My Followers Today in KeyTweet