Social Media Stalking

by | Kim Beasley | 0 comments

You got into business to provide a product or service. You also want to make money doing something you love. So what happens when you are stalked via social media and worse your ideas are stolen via these outlets? This actually happens more than you may realize. I completed a survey recently and wanted to know what the thoughts were of the public and those in the business sector on the subject of stalking via social media and this is what they had to say:

  • For many the first choice is to block this person from their social media applications. Blocking is a good place to start but you may also want to know who this stalker is and if they are stealing your ideas.
  • In order to determine who may be stalking you, begin to check out some of your followers social media pages to determine if they are using any of your ideas. 
  • If you find someone stealing your ideas confront them on it and ask them to remove the content from their social media site unless they give you full and proper credit.
  • Obtain a Creative Common License ( for your work. This is a licenses allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators. 

Ideas are powerful weapons. Granted behind those ideas there has to be a plan of action; a strategic plan but the idea is the catalyst. As with anything, if you have an idea that you are looking to turn into a marketable product, don't post it out there on social media applications for the world to see and steal. As a person in the business world you have to take measures to protect yourself. Think ahead before you post on social media.

So what do you think about social media stalkers and what would you recommend to handle this issue?