Using Social Media for Social Good

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social good

Are you making the most of social media by using it for social good? Social good is a way to give of yourself and share your talents. Social websites now provide the infrastructure to facilitate people and grassroots efforts. These efforts allow can help grow your causes quicker and better online.
Social media has made it possible for those with the same goals and passions as you do to get together. Social media is allowing many to do social good to help the masses. Especially those affected by poverty, natural disasters and many other reason.

What is social good about?

By using technology for social good you can connect with a large audience. If you are passionate about a cause then you can use social media for social goodSocial good is used to promote causes and organizations. Social good can also grow your visibility. Now let's find out more about social good and how you can get involved.

How can social media be used for social good?

Social media is the best way to connect with a lot of people quickly. Why not use your social media contacts for social good? Just one post about your cause can be shared over and over, causing it to go viral. In this way, you are spreading the word and getting your message out to the masses. Some of the ways you can help benefit your cause are:

  • Raising awareness about a cause – Social media is a great way to raise awareness. By reaching out to a large number of people you are likely to find like minded social media users that are always willing to help spread the word about a good cause and inform other social media users.
  • Funding non-profit organizations – Social media can be used to solicit donations and organize fundraisers.
  • Finding volunteers – Sometimes social good requires man power. You can use social media to recruit volunteers for your cause.

Why would someone want to use social media for social good?

Social media has been used recently in different types of situations. During natural disasters, social media is used for social good to solicit donations, supplies and volunteers. Social media is a grassroots platform that allows those directly affected to get the word out about what is really needed. It can also help organization manage the flow of equipment and volunteers to the right locations.

The American Red Cross has a Red Cross Twitter Channel and a Disaster Online Newsroom.  This allows people in affected areas to follow the feed and be alerted to shelter and emergency aid stations. Those in need can also find locations where they can be feed and access internet connection sites.

Online Social Good Tools

You might be surprised at some of the online tools that are available.  Check out the below sites to find a way you can do social good.

  • Half the Sky Movement – This is a Facebook adventure game that raises awareness and funds to empower women and girls across the globe.
  • –  Charity Miles enables people to earn money for charity when they run, walk, or bike.
  • Catapult – This is a crowdfunding platform for women and children that empowers people to build a gender equal world, one project at a time.
  • Jumo – Jumo is a social network connecting individuals and organizations who want to change the world.
  • Razoo –  Razoo is more than a website. It’s a movement of people who want to make generosity a part of everyday life.

Whatever your passion is, you can find a way to contribute to social good via social media. Social media can improve your life just through the act of helping others. Paying it forward is a great thing to do via social good!