Social Media and Politics, Strange Bedfellows

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Social media has become a big part in politics and has helped to turn the tide of campaigns during elections. In years past, these two together would have seemed strange bedfellows. However, if politicians don't incorporate social media then they are missing out on connecting with voters.

I've noticed that many voters have even taken to voicing their strong opinions on social media websites. Their opinions are helping to shape the minds of their friends or making them friendly enemies. Knowing this, should prompt politicians to incorporate social media.

According to the website and UnRuly 2012 Election Tracker:

  • Out of the total number of activities on social media, 37% (3,000,216) was for Romney and 63% (5,040,626) was for Obama
  • Out of the total number of comments on YouTube, 46% (99,851) was about Obama and 54% (116,865) was for Romney
  • Out of the total number of views on YouTube, 96% (48,548,112) was for Obama and 31% (21,463,747) was for Romney

Why incorporating social media is important

As a social media strategist, I'm finding that those politicians who incorporate social media into their online strategy plans gain greater voter support. The popularity of social media has gained widespread use at all levels of election campaigns. According to,

The phenomenon began in 2008 when President Barack Obama got people's attention by mobilizing supporters through social media.

In mobilizing supporters, President Obama was able to gain widespread support. After 4 years, his support base is still in place and helping him during his second run for the office of President. His supporters have taken to creating videos, audios, and more types of media that they share on social media website to help him grow his popularity and get his message out.

Mitt Romney is also using social media to get his message out to the masses. In an article on,

The Romney campaign also recently became the first to launch an advertising campaign with Apple's mobile iAd service on the iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices, and the campaign has been reaching Android users with mobile online advertising through Google.

What are the top social media website for politicians

As politicians include social media into their campaigns, it will help them grow their visibility and reach their target voters. It allows them to go right where their target voters hangout and communicate with them and their friends. Some of the websites that politician should incorporated into their strategy are:

  • Google+: post content, share pictures, create & share video, and hold hangouts
  • Twitter: post content, share pictures, and create & share video
  • Facebook: post content, share pictures, and create & share video
  • LinkedIn: post content, share pictures, create & share video, and share PowerPoint presentations
  • YouTube: post content, create & share video, and connect to Google+ to hold hangouts
  • Pinterest: post content and share pictures

In using these forms of media, it can draw voters into their political movement to help politicians get elected. The website shares:

That vision is now a reality, as millions are using social media to join the largest public political conversation in human history. Election 2012 is writing a new chapter in the evolution of democracy. And it’s happening so quickly, we’ve barely had time grasp its significance.

As politicians enhance their presence on social media websites, they will engage their target voters and grow their ways of communicating with them. So social media and politician are great bedfellows which make for a great social media strategy plan.


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