What’s your social media personality?

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social media personalityAs you participate on social media websites, do you know that you activity can mode you into a particular social media personality? As you interact with others on social media, you are establishing a pattern of behavior that emerges and defines your social media personality. 

Let's explore the different types of social media personalities and the ways that knowing which type you are could help you be more effective in marketing your business on social media. 

What do I need to know about social media personality types?

There are many different types of social media personalities. As you read this you might discover that you fit into more than one category. But that's not set in stone. Let's explore this further:

  • Types of personalities – There are distinctly different varieties of social media personality types.  Each one represents how you interact with your social profiles.
  • Embracing my type – Once you become aware of your personality type you can use it to your advantage. In embracing your personality type you can tap into the strengths which will help you to market others that also fit into your type category.
  • Changing my type – There is a chance that you might not like the type your defined as. If this is the case make yourself aware of your behavior. This way you can choose to do something different which will eventually change your type.

How many personality types are there?

According to PR Daily and author Michael Sebastian there are 12 different social media personality types. Here is a run down on each type:

  • The Ultras – Happily checks their social feeds many times every day.
  • The Dippers – Infrequently checks their social profiles, this can mean that days or even weeks go by before they check in.
  • The Deniers – Feels anxiety over not being able to check their social profiles but denies feeling this way.
  • The Virgins – New to social media, period.
  • The Lurkers – Never participates in anything but watches other people interact.
  • The Peacocks – Really popular on their social sites, getting likes, re-tweets and followers are a must. 
  • The Ranters – Extremely opinionated on their social sites but not in real-life situations.
  • The Ghosts – Fearful of giving out personal information so their profiles are anonymous. 
  • The Changelings – Creates a new persona so no one knows that their online profiles belongs to them.
  • The Quizzers – Uses questions to start conversations.
  • The Informers – The first to share information in order to get recognition.
  • The Attention Seekers – Needs responses to their postings.

Why do I need to know what type I am?

You may be wondering why this is important to know. As you evolve as a business owner you will find yourself playing many different roles in your business. Here are some the top reasons knowing your social media personality is important:

  • Information means Awareness – When you are aware of your personality type when using social media you have better control over your actions. This allows you to be proactive in situations where your reaction might reflect badly on your business's reputation.
  • Use it to your advantage – On the other side of the coin being aware of your personality when using social media can also help you to be better at marketing through social media channels. 
  • Helpful in figuring out who you're marketing too – This awareness also can be helpful in crafting posts in your marketing efforts. As with all things in marketing knowing as many details about your target market as you can allows you to speak directly to them.

It can be really enlightening discovering your social media personality. In an effort to be a better marketer I've taken the time to learn as much as I can about myself and my target market. Tell me about your personality type in the comments below. 



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