Do You Use Social Media to Manage Your Relationships?

by | Kim Beasley, Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

hands-team-business2Using social media to manage your business and personal relationships can be challenging. Some people feel that social media is only skin deep that they may not be able to connect to others.

However, if you use social media correctly, you can have a positive experience. Now, how can you manage your social media so that you are truly connecting with people and having a positive impact?

Using Social Media to Connect Personally

There are several ways to make social media a more personal experience.  Social media can be used to facilitate meeting with others in person. It can be used to connect with others who have the same interests and needs. You can then have face to face meetings or meet in a Google+ hangout.

You can even share information about causes close to your heart to raise awareness. Recently, I worked with a client to do a trunk show via a Google+ hangout to support Project Save Our Surf. It was a great success and we were able to raise awareness as well as help spread the message of the cause. Social media can also be used to request volunteers or donations for a special cause.

Social media is being used to find long lost family and friends or to keep a connection between family and friends who are long distances apart. Word of warning, please be careful when using social media to manage your relationships with family and friends. Take special precautions that you don't reveal to much personal details via social media with strangers. Also don't use social media to lash out at people or make yourself appear as something you are not. Be honest and conscious of what you post.

Using Social Media to Find Others That Can Help You

Social media can help you connect with others you can learn from such as industry leaders. It can also enable you to find mentors and people who are successful in your field. This type of professional connection can be made more personal by truly expressing who you are through social media. Do not be afraid to ask questions or for help from industry leaders or your peers.

It is important to not only manage what you post, but to manage what comes in. Make sure that your network is also providing you positive encouragement.

Social media is a powerful tool. Be sure that it is a positive tool for you. Use it as a positive force and not a negative one. Remember to consider what your posts say about you and what message you are sending. It is important to actively manage your social media on different social media networks. Make a point to post inspirational or positive stories and do not hesitate to delete those who bring a negative impact to your social media environment.