Social Media is Changing Around the World

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Social media is changing around the world. Social media is fairly new having only been around for a decade or so, but it has impacted our lives tremendously in many ways. Social media has created and changed many industries. It has changed the way we connect and share. Social media is here to stay and will likely grow and change in the future. It has truly impacted our lives and is changing how the world works.

How is social media affecting communication?

Communication has been completely changed by technology and social media. Communication now occurs in real time and allows immediate discussion and feedback. You can now directly connect with others and share your life in pictures, posts and video. We can now stay in touch like never before. Some of the ways social media is being used to communicate are:

  • Virtual discussions and meetings – Businesses and schools are increasingly using social media to facilitate discussion and conduct meetings with participants in multiple locations.
  • Collaboration on project –  It is now easy to share ideas and collaborate on project. Everyone can contribute in real time.
  • Engage others around world –  It is now possible to engage with others around the world. Time and distance are no longer a barrier when it comes to engaging with others.

How has interaction on social media changed?

Social media has changed the very way we interact with others. When something exciting happens in our life, we want to share. People now may think of going to social media to share before making a phone call or even sharing in person. Some of the ways we now interact on social media are:

  • Easily stay in touch – In the past, it has been easy to loose touch with our friends and loved ones. Busy lives and commitments have made staying in touch difficult. We can now communicate with family and friends with a few keystrokes.
  • Social awareness increased – Social awareness is increased by the ability to share. Others are now being educated and are able to find like minded people to meet with. It is easy to find ways to contribute to what you care about through social media.
  • Virtual businessesSocial media has created a new economy. Many businesses are now virtual and have no storefront or office. The entrepreneurial spirit is encouraged and has allowed many to fulfill their dream of self employment and owning their own business.

How much time is being spent on social media?

Social media has changed our lives. Time and energy are now being spent on social media daily. We do not know what the effects of social media will be in the future, but currently social media is a big part of our day and can only be expected to grow. Some interesting facts about the time we spend on social media are:

  • Users average 3 hours on social media daily
  • Females spend more time the men
  • Business owners spend 50% more time

Social media is changing on a daily basis as new ways to use it are born daily. Social media has become a vehicle for more creativity, connections and personal growth and will continue to impact our lives into the future.