What Does Your Social Media Activity Say About You?

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Do you think about what your social media activity says about you? Do you share everything with everybody or limit posts to social media activitycertain groups? Are you aware of your online reputation? It is very important to consider the image you are portraying while active on social media.

Why should we be concerned about social media activities?

When you post something on social media it is a window into your life. Your posts tell a lot about you including interests, associations, and activities. Your social media activity can also be detrimental to you. Your online reputation is easily accessible. Employers are now searching for potential employees online as part of the interview process. Your social media profile can make or break you. You also have to be aware of the feeling and beliefs of others.

It is easy to offend someone with your social media activity. It is important to think about what you post publicly. Sharing a picture or friend's post can unknowingly lead to a war of sorts online. Many people in your life only know you casually, socially or through business. They do not know who you really are and will form their opinion based in part on your social media activity. Think about your online reputation as someone who is just visiting your public social media profile for the first time. What would you think?

In what way does your social media activity affect your online presence?

Your online presence affects your personal and business life. Think about the image you want to portray and then look at each social media site you are active on. Is the image you want to portray coming through. Are the good points being distracted by posts that could be seen as negative or offensive. Here are some tips that can help you monitor your social media activity:

  • Be sure that your public and personal profiles are separate and make your personal profile private.
  • Be sure you think about the pictures you use that are displayed publicly.
  • Be sure that they represent you in a positive light.
  • If you have a public company profile be aware that a few clicks on a search engine can pull up anything that is out there about you personally and that can also have a negative effect on your business.

How can you repair your online presence if damaged by your social media activity?

If you do experience a negative, public backlash from social media activity, it is important to take immediate and decisive action counter action. Below are some steps you can take to repair the damage.

  • Take responsibility – Admit when you are wrong and take full responsibility for the problem. Do not try to dance around the subject or direct responsibility somewhere else.
  • Be honest – Do not try and put a spin on things or deflect blame. Be upfront and honest with your social media followers.
  • Address issues – Do not sit back and wait for the problem to go away. Negative social media can quickly be shared and grow out of control. Immediately address any issues and stop a further downward spiral.
  • Change activities – Learn from your mistake and change your social media activity. If you experience negative backlash from your social media activity then it is time to reconsider your social media plan. Re-access your public profile and take necessary steps to rebuild your online reputation and image.

Social media is an excellent tool, but you must be aware of what you are putting out there for public view. If you are not sure about something then it is best not to post it. You should make general or neutral posts and refrain from anything that could be considered negative.