Smartphone Owners and Their Morning Routine

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Smartphone ownersThink about your daily morning routine, especially for those who are Smartphone owners. What is the first thing that you do when you step out of your bed? Make a cup of coffee? Turn on the TV? Get your clothes prepared for the day? It appears that none of these activities are at the top of the list for mobile phone owners. A 10-city survey of Smartphone owners by mobile testing firm SOASTA reported that 84% of owners check an app as soon as they get up.

The survey revealed that New Yorkers are particularly tech addicted with 92% of city dwellers browsing their Smartphone apps first thing in the morning. Surprisingly, Los Angeles was at the bottom of the list, with only 75% of Smartphone owners checking an app when they first wake up.

What is it about Smartphones that makes their owners obsessed with them? According to psychology lecturer Dr. Simon Hampton of University of East Anglia, “People's inability to leave their phones alone is the newest addition to common ‘displacement' behaviors such as smoking, doodling, fiddling with objects and picking at food. It's also an extension of ‘nomophobia‘ – the fear of being without your mobile.”

What are the Top 4 Smartphone Apps that Owners Check First Thing in the Morning?

  • Check email: It’s really coming as no surprise that viewing emails received a whopping 67% of the activities that Smartphone owners do in their morning routine. Some of the reasons that mobile phone users check email are for business, employment, and personal communications.
  • Get a weather update: Being prepared for the morning commute to work often requires knowledge of the weather conditions. Many Smartphone owners check their weather apps for that information.
  • Browse social media sites: It appears that Smartphones has created an insatiable appetite for being in touch with what’s going on in the lives of others. With a quick browse through Twitter or Facebook we can feel as though we went on that exotic vacation with our boss or will know the minute a favorite cousin who lives across the country changes her status from “single” to “in a relationship”.
  • Flip the Flipboard: find your news in one place where others can bring it to you. It's a great way for the Smartphone owners to set up news boards that will make it easy to find news that matter to them.

What do you check first thing in the morning when it comes to your Smartphone?

Why are Smartphone Owners’ checking their Apps in their Morning Routine?

  • Find friends online: They want to be connected. We live in an increasingly disconnected world. The American Time Use Survey collected information about activities that people do in a day in 2012. It revealed that employed individuals between the ages of 25 to 54 with children under 18, spent an average of 8.8 hours in work-related activities. With so much time in the day dedicated to work, it’s no wonder that Smartphone owners turn to their apps in their morning routine to get connected with others.
  • Preparing for their day: Other factors that affect the morning commute to work are traffic and local news. The 4th most viewed app by Smartphone owners in the morning are news apps.
  • Catch up with events: Who didn’t rush to the TV each morning as the time narrowed down to Kate Middleton’s or Beyonce’s deliveries? How many of us were glued to the tube after the capture of Saddam Hussein? Whether it’s celebrity events or world events Smartphone owners’ rush to their apps to keep abreast of what’s going on in the world.

How Do Smartphone Apps Affect Owners’ Morning Routine?

  • Quickly access information: We are in an age of instant knowledge gratification. Smartphones and technology make that possible. It’s a lot easier to obtain the information we need from our Smartphones where it’s condensed in one place than to turn to other resources. Why turn on the computer to check emails? Check your phone instead. Who needs the TV for news and weather? Your Smartphone has an app for that.   
  • Hindrance issues: Smartphone’s apps can be a hindrance to the morning routine. Think about how easy is it for a 5 minute check on the Facebook app turns into 45 minutes of goofing off. You might think that checking your emails during your morning routine will prepare you for the day, when in fact you end up replying to messages instead of simply reading them. Smartphone owners often struggle with procrastination due to checking their apps while they get ready for the day.
  • Nomophobic Behavior: Recognizing that you might be a “nomophobic”: There might be good reason to turn to our Smartphone first thing in the morning. The many different apps on our mobile phones can help us get our day together. However, there is also the potential if you reach for your phone before anything else you might be addicted to it. According to a UK academic, we are in an era of the nomophobic – individuals who are afraid to be without their mobile phones.