Simple steps to learn how to sell from business to business (B2B)

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This article shares 5 simple steps to help you learn how to sell business to business. What are your thoughts about the steps?

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B2B Selling Made Absurdly Simple

Business-to-business selling isn't complicated.  In fact, it's easier that B2C selling. Why? Customers aren't spending their own money, are buying out of need not vanity, understand the basic rules of doing business.  With that in mind, here's how to sell B2B in five absurdly easy-to-understand steps:

  • STEP #1. Discover where your prospect is today. Use the Internet or business contacts find out where the prospect is today, what's going on with their business, where they're having problems, how happy they are with the products they're currently using, how they currently do things. When you initially meet, ask open-ended questions to obtain information that fills in the details.