Sharing Your Knowledge With Others On Social Media

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One of the things that I like to do is share great tips and techniques with others via social media. I find this very rewarding when I know that what I've shared has been helpful to many of my friends. I share things like videos, articles or blog posts that have made an impact on me and would be helpful from a business standpoint. In sharing this information, I give credit to the original source along with thanking them for the information. To me, this shows respect to the creator of the content along with a sign of respect for them and their talent.

Unfortunately, I have found that there are some who reshare information without giving credit to the originator of the content. Recently, I shared my thoughts with my friends on Google Plus to see what they felt about this very issue. Below is my original post about this issue and then the responses are below it.

Your opinion please: When you find great content that someone else has shared, do you:

1. Thank them for the content
2. Reshare it and give them credit
3. Reshare it and don't care if any knows where you found
4. Nothing

I ask this question this morning because I've notice a lot that some reshare but don't give credit to the original person who shared it or even thank them. What do you think about this? Is it showing respect to thank them & give credit to them before reshare.

  • Elliott M – Most of the time I try to.
  • Carla Anderson – I try to thank the person for the share and sometimes reshare as well.
  • Scott Wakeman – If I re-share, I +1 the original posting. And if it is a GREAT re-share, I disable posting on my share, and ask folks to comment on the original. Another thing I do with re-shares is I try and always go back to the original source of the re-share. For example, if it is a re-share, of a re-share, of a re-share [and that re-share was ‘Public'], I re-share the original and not the person/post who re-shared the re-share. WOW – too many re-shares 😉 Hope you catch my drift.
  • Shawn Allen – Thanks Kim…sometimes I be moving so fast in just putting something out from reaction that I will sometimes forget but I'll be sure to get better at it!
  • Cora Triton – 1. 2. and +1, and I +1 the original posting, too.
  • Donald Payne – 1 and 2 are both good ideas.
  • Cliff Roth – I essentially do what +Scott Wakeman does. Depending on the nature of the post. I always +1 content and when I share I give credit and am usually thanking them in the process. I also thank whom ever I found it via (if not the original poster).
  • Ila East – I don't share much, so I really haven't thought about it. But, I will be more aware in the future and be sure that the original posted is cited as well as preventing resharing.
  • Warren Stanley – usually +1 it on their's then reshare it
  • Bob Dickey – I re share and try to also pass the name of the person that I got it from and +1 them to.
  • Debbie DiFonzo – Depends – #1 or #2. Sometimes the content may be something I've been searching for that won't fit my audience, then #1. If I share I always try to give proper credit.
  • Marilyn Gerber – I +1 it, reshare, it if it was a reshare when they did it, I occasionally say who I found it from.
  • Scott Wendling – I do it like writing a research paper: If I could easily find the same content on different sites or it's a commonly known piece of content (ie viral vid) I don't worry about it. If it's really blow you away info you aren't going to see just anywhere I give cred. The only person I think that has to have credit is whoever created the original content.
Thanks to Gail Barnes for resharing my post on G+. There were some great feedback on that post also. When you reshare, remember to thank them, give them credit, and encourage others to do the same. 🙂