The Number of Seniors Using Social Media Has Doubled

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According to a report by the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, the rate of seniors using social Seniors Using Social Mediamedia has doubled. Seniors are taking full advantage of social media. They are flocking to computer classes and are increasingly becoming tech savvy. Social media is allowing the senior generation to connect in a way that was never possible before. Gone are the days of a senior that is isolated. The world is now easily accessible.

How are seniors using social media?

Seniors are using social media in a every way possible. They are connecting with old friends, colleagues and lost family members. They are staying connected with family by sharing pictures, advice and encouragement. Seniors using social media are staying informed and finding information. Seniors are using social media for research and to find activities and opportunities.

Seniors Using Social Media Benefit Health Wise

Seniors using social media are reaping health benefits. Social media boosts cognitive abilities and confidence. One way seniors are doing this is by playing online games and connecting with younger minds. Seniors are finding support, resources and help for medical and personal issues. Seniors are also using social media to learn new things. 

According to Kommein

I think there’s this myth that anyone over 50 is technically inept, but I don’t believe this is true. Perhaps many seniors might not be as technically savvy as the younger generation but I don’t think all of them are clueless when it comes to laptops and gadgets. Indeed, my own mother who retired at 70 ,designed online courses for accountants and telecommuted for several years. She certainly had her geeky moments, or she wouldn’t have been able to compete with the younger co-workers. When my large family began keeping in touch via a private online family forum, my mother embraced the social network immediately. She also uses Skype to keep in touch with her kids and is thinking about looking into Facebook.

Seniors are Using Social Media in Unique Ways

Seniors using social media are looking at retirement in a completely different way. With unlimited opportunities, information and connections at their fingertips and a life time of experience behind them, seniors are making the most of social media.

Seniors using social media are:
  • Creating income- Seniors are working online and offering their expertise as consultants. They are writing books, starting businesses and growing existing businesses.
  • Sharing – Seniors are blogging, offering advice and mentoring others.
  • Managing Finances – Senior using social media are taking advantage of sales and discounts. They are also researching investments and taking full advantage of online financial management tools.
Seniors using social media are enjoying themselves and connecting with many new and old friends. Some of the websites that you should checkout According to Senior Citizen section:
  • has articles senior citizens may be interested in reading. It also has information on health, money, leisure activities, family issues and an online community you can participate in and meet other seniors.
  • This is an attractive website with articles on working out, bone density, relationships, sex, and money. This is also an interactive website; you can join in on the blog, take surveys, or participate in online classes.
  • You can really get involved at this website. There is a blog, which you can join in on discussions. It also has books and culture, health, marketplace, money, recreation, technology and volunteering sections.