See why my word for 2017 is Growth Mindset

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When I started thinking about what word I wanted to focus on for 2017, the first thing that came to mind was Growth Mindset. I chose these words because I want to grow the way I am thinking, in my personal and business life. Then I came up with an acronym for the word G.R.O.W.T.H. which is Generating, Realizing, and Owning my Worth To be in Harmony.

Why is growth mindset necessary to me?

growth mindset - kim beasley - increase business visibilitygrowth mindset - kim beasley - increase business visibilitygrowth mindset - kim beasley - increase business visibilityDuring 2016, I had a great year for my business and in my personal life. In my business, I landed several new clients and restructured projects and processes within my team. Personally, I ended up moving to a new home that I love a lot and purchasing a new car. So why do I feel that I still need to grow?

It's important to me that I'm always growing and challenging my mindset to change. Stagnation can cause me to stop growing and prohibit me from being the best me that I can be. So for 2017, having a Growth Mindset means that I want to increase in every area of my business and personal life.

Growth Mindset that is generating

According to, to Generate means, “to bring into existence.” In 2017, I want to bring into existence major collaborations and partnership opportunities. Having these opportunities means that I want to find peers, industry leaders, or companies who fit with my business and who are open to generating projects together. By doing this, I'm setting smart goals for my business.

For example in how I'm meeting this goal, in January 2017, I partnered with Amy Walker Consulting to co-host a webinar for entrepreneurs. Another collaboration that I in the works is the development an eBook is with Each of these examples is showing how I have opened up my business to have a growth mindset so that I can expand to accommodate “more” into my business.  

Realizing what it takes to have a Growth Mindset

To actively have this mentality, the realization hit me that I needed to enhance my thoughts and how I am perceived as I run my business. Realizing is also making the goals I generating come to life. According to, to Realize means, “to bring into concrete existence”. Another goal I have for my business is that I want to increase my team size.

For me to be able to increase my team size, this means that I need to increase my sales. So for this goal, I start by creating ways to increase my income which means that I'm looking at my multiple streams of income so that I can revamp them. Case in point, I have a pen name that I want to increase my book sales. My plan is to hire a Kindle book marketing team member who will help me realize this goal.

Owning my Growth Mindset challenges to change

Being able to claim ownership of my goals, successes, and challenges to change is essential to my growth. According to, Own means, “belonging to oneself or itself.” Concerning my mindset, I know that I will face challenges as growth happens while at the same time I want to own my reactions to these challenges.

About owning my reactions to challenges, one example is that I love to be “in control.” Almost to the point of being a control freak. The challenge with this is that I have to make sure that I don't use it to be controlling or micromanaging my team.

My team is vital to me and I fully trust them to get tasks done and to follow procedure. If for some reason something goes wrong, I must own up to the challenge of not being in control. Then flow into a teaming mindset that allows for expanded thinking to solve the issue.

Understanding the Worth of having a stable growth Mindset

Knowing ones Worth can help create balance in your life. Thus I love keeping in mind with my Worth is and how I can be beneficial to others. According to, Worth means, “the value of something measured by its qualities or by the esteem in which it is held.”

As a woman who owns her own business and who transitioned from Corporate American, at the beginning of starting my business, I didn't understand my worth. I gave away my services to get clients (bartered) or I would under-priced my services to land projects. Until I gained knowledge about what I'm worth, I undersold myself.

Now, many years later, I have a genuine understanding that I'm highly valued and have formed a solid mindset of how I want to expand my business. My team and I are collaboration using tools like to keep projects on task and manage clients' needs.  You may ask, what helped me to get to this point? I was told many years ago…

When calculating how much I'm worth, determine how much time it will take to do a task, then gauge it against how much it would take to pay me to feel that that time I've spent doing the task is worth it. Worth it to take time away from personal things, family things or even other projects. If the number I come up with feels good, then that's a good price to charge.

To be in Harmony with my Growth Mindset

When one is in Harmony with everything going in your life, then it's a perfect environment for your mindset to grow. According to, Harmony means, “internal calm.” Yes! The peace that I can feel from within and it flows outward is being in harmony.

To me, this means that regardless of what challenges I face in my personal or business life, that I will have an inner calm. No matter how collaboration is going with a partner, I allow myself to be at peace with the outcome.

Having this mindset helps me because I'm not walking around frustrated or upset with circumstances. Instead, I'm experiencing “internal calm.” I would love to hear what your word or words are for 2017 and how you plan on incorporating it into your life.