Going Back to School with Technology

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Technology is changing the classroom and benefiting students and teachers. Most schools are embracing technology and technologytechnology is now on the back to school list. Students in this day and age need to learn about technology. Schools recognize that it is a part of their students life and will be dominant in their future.

Why is technology important to students as they return to school?

Technology is already in students lives and school is no exception. It is important for students to have technology skills and teachers can use technology to help their students excel. Technology is a great way to change things up and keep students interested. Some of the ways technology can benefit students are:

  • Communication – Technology is an excellent way for students, teachers and parents to communicate. Parents can be kept up to date on assignments and their students progress.
  • Learning tech skills – Technology is here to stay and students must have technology skills to keep up.
  • Student motivation – Technology can be used to motivate students. Many students need a different approach to education and technology can offer more interactive opportunities and access to the huge amount of information online.

How can technology benefit struggling students?

Technology can be a great benefit to students who are struggling or have special needs. Technology can level the playing field for children and allow students who struggle a way to keep up. Students who are struggling often times suffer from self esteem issues related to their inability to do classroom work as easily as other students. Technology can be a benefit to struggling students in the following ways:

  • Assistive readers – Students who struggle with reading because of a learning disability can receive great benefits from assistive technology. Students who would normally be behind because of their lack of ability to read text books now have a wide variety of readers and recorded text available to them.
  • Speak to text software – Many students struggle with writing because of a disability. Speak to text software allows students to answer questions or “write” verbally. Software turns speech into printed text.
  • Noise cancelling headsets – Noise cancelling headsets are great for students who are easily distracted. Students are better able to concentrate without as much classroom noise.

How can technology and education be fun?

Technology and education can make learning fun. The internet and technology has opened a whole new world for students. Learning is no longer confined to the classroom and students can virtually learn about any subject.

  • Educational Apps – Practice makes perfect and educational apps are a great way to enforce what is learned in school. Flashcards, spelling words and vocabulary builders are all available in apps. Children are more likely to practice their school work with technology because it is more interactive and fun.
  • Virtual field trips – Students can visit museums, countries and attend events virtually. The world is wide open to students through technology.
  • Fitness Tracker – Physical education is being taken to a new level with fitness tracking apps. Students can become more aware of their physical activity by tracking it. There are also apps that teach exercises and give sports tips.

Technology is now at the top of the list for back to school. Help your students to embrace it and capitalize on its benefits. Parents can learn just as much and you and your student can learn together.