Sales strategies that business owners can implement to grow business

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10 Tips to help business owners develop their sales strategies to help their business grow.

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10 Sales Strategies For Uncertain Times

A sales machine reader recently emailed me:

Geoffrey, it looks likely that we're going into a double dip recession.  Last year was tough for me and this year looks almost as bad.  Do you have any advice on how to weather this until things get better?

I'm not sure that a double dip is really in the cards, but that doesn't mean that the fear of it isn't impacting buying behavior.  Here's some advice, based upon conversations with numerous sales experts and top sales managers, that can help you sell more, even when your customers are hunkering down and waiting to see what happens:

  • STRATEGY #1: Cultivate Your Inner Sales Guru. You may be worried about the economy, but you can't let worries rule your thoughts and actions.  Rather than focusing on the economy, act as if you're starting a new sales job that presents some interesting challenges to overcome.  Remember: even during the worst of times, some people end up winning.  Make sure it's you.